Christmas Gift Guide 2018

There's two types of people at Christmas, people who are making a list and checking it twice or the kind that just leave buying Christmas presents to the last minute, I would say I'm quite organised but always manage to forget something! But if you have left it to the last minute with Christmas just around the corner, check out my Christmas gift guide below to inspire you before it's too late!

Keeping My Wardrobe in Check

It's that time of year again where checks are everywhere and I can't get enough, my favourite girly flick Clueless always springs to mind, with the most memorable 90s look below where Cher and Dionne arrive at the school entrance, wearing matching checked skirt suits. Don't they look fabulous? If only I could pull off that yellow...

The classic check trend is very versatile being worn in a variety of styles and colour options (think mustards, browns and greys) especially for office wear. I'm all about rocking a sophisticated checked blazer with black jeans and a tee or cute pinafore dresses over roll neck jumpers, mini skirts under a knitted jumper the options are endless! Below are two check outfits that I have worn over Autumn/Winter that I absolutely love and hopefully inspire you to get your check on!

From Birmingham to Santorini: Planning the Perfect Party Trip

There are many reasons why Santorini is very popular among travellers, from its beautiful sunsets, glittering waters to the white and blue houses that form its unique skyline making it a firm favourite amongst photographers, but what you may not be aware of is that it's also a party destination. Yes it may not be as wild as other islands like Mykonos, but it is still a great travel destination whether you want to catch the performance of world-renowned DJs or you just want to have a fun girly trip away from the 9-5.

As always when planning a party trip with the girls you need to think carefully about choosing the right time to visit the Greek island and planning other parts of the holiday which will help you enjoy the perfect party trip to Santorini and surrounding islands.

Wearing a Sequin Dress to the Christmas Party

 'Tis the season to be sparkly! If you haven’t had the chance to dress up yet than there is no time like the present as CHRISTMAS PARTY season is upon us and that means lots and lots of sequins! For me it's the only time of year where I can dance the night away in a sparkly frock and luckily for me a collab email from Boohoo landed in my inbox asking me to pick out a party dress for myself. As you can imagine I picked the sparkliest dress on the website! 

The Sequin Dress I am wearing today comes in gold and black but as it's Christmas I had to go for the more daring colour - gold! The shift style dress is the perfect length for my petite frame and the fact it has sleeves is an added bonus, as I'm not a big fan of my arms. I also thought the v neckline may be a bit daring for me but it wasn't as low as I originally thought. And for £35 I think it's an amazing and affordable quality piece for Christmas parties!

A Festive Day Out In Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK's second city and just under an hour for me on the train from Stratford Upon Avon so I regularly visit for events, dining, shopping and entertainment. Being from the midlands all my life, I have seen Birmingham become a thriving city,  welcoming 41.8 million visitors in 2017 alone. Helped by the fact it has the most Michelin-starred restaurants outside of London, home to Cadbury's Chocolate, the NEC and over 100 balti houses and so much more!

I decided to spend the day in Birmingham with my university friend Louise to show you that Birmingham is a great day out for everyone and has plenty of things to see and do. If you wanted to spend the weekend in Birmingham to explore the many museums, Cadburys World or even see a show at the theatre there are plenty of hotels in Birmingham for you to choose from.

Six Ways To Add The WOW Factor To Your Home

Don't we all want to walk into our homes and be blown away? I know I do! Being able to invite friends and family over and them telling you how much they love your design and interiors choices adds that little bit of satisfaction. The trick is to choose the features that won't be expensive or difficult to change especially if you wanted to move house in the future, we all have different decor tastes after all. You want to be able to capture the eye, give people an element of surprise and add features that are uplifting when you enter your home.

To inspire you here are six ways you can add the WOW factor to your home, whether your on a budget like me or have enough money to spend spend spend on your home interiors.

The Encore, Stratford Upon Avon Review

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview night of The Encore, in my hometown of Stratford Upon Avon, officially re-opening to guests with a new look on Saturday 17th November. Located conveniently near the famous RSC and the River Avon you really can't miss The Encore when you arrive in Stratford whether you're a local or tourist. Having been one of my local haunts for a while and always drawing a great crowd and fab local singers on Friday and Saturday nights I was excited to see the makeover and taste the new menu.

Black Friday & Festive Emails to Inspire Your Marketing

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas on the horizon your email inbox will be bombarded with emails from various brands about offers and advice for the festive season but if you're from a marketing background like myself you might not actually find them a nuisance and actually enjoy reading them and finding out about the latest deals. I'm saying sorry in advance to my bank balance!

Between November through the beginning of January, retailers see 20% of their yearly sales happen and 73% of shoppers will check out someone new online or in a brick-and-mortar so brands have a chance to make a big profit via email marketing. One of the most well known and popular email providers Campaign Monitor that I actually use in my full time job have merged with another brand Emma to give you access to interesting and informative articles. One article that caught my eye: 21 festive emails to inspire your holiday marketing strategy certainly left me feeling inspired because the emails are fun, festive, and full of imagination! But don't take my word for it, see for yourself!

Best Ways to Recover from a Gym Workout with Leesa

Getting a good night sleep is essential for your health and well being, but exercise also has a big part to play in this and my own personal lifestyle, they both help keep my body functioning at its very best.

 According to the Sleep Council people who exercise every day are most likely to be tucked up in bed by 10pm (even earlier for me). Exercise can also help to reduce stress, which is significant given that stress keeps almost half of us (47%) awake at night. 

When it comes to working out, I train at the gym with my boyfriend at least three times a week, but my sleep is also affected by what I do outside the gym such as the food and drink I consume and also how I sleep and what I sleep on, these last two points are both crucial which is where the Leesa Mattress comes in...

How to Spend 3 days in Prague

Prague is a European city that I have wanted to visit for so long, so when my best friend April suggested we book a weekend away somewhere, I knew straight away where I wanted to go! Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic and I'm not surprised that over 6 million tourists come in to the capital every year. With beautiful pastel building façades, over 30 bridges including the famous Charles Bridge and plenty of beer to be drunk there's so much you can fit in, in three days in Prague and I'm here to show you the best parts!

Why Do Pets Make You Happier?

We all love our furry friends, and there are no doubts that owning a pet can enrich your life. However, do pets really make you happier? There is plenty of research that says they do, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a devoted pet owner who doesn’t think the world of their four-legged family member. 

But why do pets make you happier? Here are some reasons why you may have more to thank your pet for than you first thought…

Essentials For The Ultimate Girls Night In

There's nothing better than having a girly night in with your best friends. I remember growing up my sister would have lots of her friends over and I was always so jealous so I definitely made up for it when I grew up! Being only 26, I still love a night out, but with winter season just around the corner, it always feels like the perfect time to plan a night in with my friends to unwind and enjoy a few laughs.The best part is I don't have to wear any makeup, style my hair and I get to wear my comfy pyjamas! But of course don't forget the following sleepover essentials as well!

Dating Etiquette and Expectations for the First Date

Whether you date constantly or are getting back into the dating game, dating can be rather daunting and challenging but the good thing about a first date is that it's a completely new person who you have never met before. This means you're excited and nervous all at the same time but will probably have some dating expectations too like who is going to pay the bill or will he/her like me. But if you erase those dating expectations and put less pressure on yourself, you have nothing to lose and could end up potentially having the perfect date.

On the other hand I think certain dating etiquette should always be followed if you want to make a great first impression. For example making sure your mobile is off providing no distractions, be on time for the date and look smart, remember to listen to them and ask questions and don't mention ex's unless they ask.

The Bulls Head Meriden Review

I'm quite lucky to live in Warwickshire where there are lots of wonderful pubs to eat and drink at, but occasionally you can get bored of going to the same place all the time and want to try somewhere new and different. The quaint country pub The Bulls Head is nestled in the small village of Meriden which is located between Solihull and Coventry and is officially the centre of EnglandLuckily for me they asked if I wanted to see a preview of their new makeover before they reopened and try their three course menu too... Of course I jumped at the chance and I was not disappointed!

Pashley Picnic 2018

On Saturday 15th September, I attended my fourth Pashley Picnic joining my boyfriend Blake, who works for the British bicycle brand based in our hometown of Stratford Upon Avon. Pashley Cycles have been creating quintessential British bikes for over 90 years making them the longest established cycle manufacturer and a brand I really love! They invite all their Pashley customers to this cycling event every year to ride their bikes throughout Stratford, meet new people and just have FUN! This was in fact their biggest attendance yet, with tickets in high demand!

Malta Travel Diary

The last week of September the boyfriend and I travelled to Malta for an all inclusive holiday meaning unlimited food and drinks! Bliss! With three islands to see: Gozo, Comino and Malta itself, heavily influenced by the Italians, hidden gems everywhere, the clearest waters and beautiful surroundings, it's a country that has so much to offer for couples and families. I'm sharing below what we got up to over a week in the glorious Malta sunshine!

Cost-Effective Methods For Travelling

If you are thinking of travelling in the near future, you should think about what you can do to make sure that it as cost-effective as possible. You might actually be surprised at just how easily you can go travelling without having to spend a lot of money. Below are a few of the best methods for travelling more cost-effectively, so that you can have a memorable travel experience but can still keep in charge of your finances.

How to Transition your Summer Outfits into Autumn

Even though it's meant to be Autumn, it has been a mild September in the UK so far meaning it's difficult to decide what to wear when it's warm one minute and freezing the next! But don't go packing away your summer clothes just yet... the key to dressing for transitional weather is to mix your summer pieces with a few of your classic autumn items, like a lightweight turtleneck, blanket scarf, ankle boots and lightweight jacket or just follow my transitional outfit ideas below to get you up to speed in no time.

Popaball Pineapple Bursting Bubbles Review

Pineapple is a healthy tropical fruit that originated in South America. Although many people prefer pineapple in juice form, or fresh you can now also get them in fruity bubbles (popping boba) for use in alcohol, yoghurt, ice cream and cold drinks. Created by Popaball a Newcastle based company, Popaballs are now all the rage and I couldn't wait to try the limited edition pineapple bursting bubbles (£3.45) for myself!

Transitioning to Autumn with Muru Jewellery

It may not feel like it yet but it's officially Autumn meaning I'm ready for cosy nights in, crunchy colourful leaves under my boots and transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall. This of course includes my accessories and jewellery! I'm not someone who wears a huge amount of jewellery on a daily basis but when I do I like it to be modern and unique just like Muru Jewellery.

Styling Dungarees for Autumn with Hidden Fashion

Today on the blog, I'm introducing a new fashion brand that is not in London or Manchester it's actually quite local to me in Birmingham - Hidden Fashion. Offering the latest fashion trends online that I can shop all from the comfort of my own home always makes me happy and also the fact they have plenty of fashion bargains to be had! In fact I was lucky enough to be gifted two pieces of clothing that were both under £10 each! Who says a new autumn wardrobe has to be expensive?

Cosy Bedroom Ideas for Autumn and Winter

Autumn/Winter is nearly here and not only do I want to escape from the cold already and curl up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate sounds bliss right? But I also want to make my bedroom a whole lost cosier or should I say more hygge! The Danish concept of living cosily, hygge calls for richer textures, rustic materials and layered blankets. A new season also gives me the chance to try out some of my interior ideas on my Pinterest board... who's with me?! Luckily for me and you there are plenty of easy changes you can make to turn your bedroom into a cosy, welcoming space you'll struggle to leave!

6 Amazing Destinations for Campervan Holidays

I may not of done a lot of camping in my lifetime but I know if I owned a campervan, I would be embracing the great outdoors & travelling a whole lot more than I already do for what I think is a more rewarding travel experience. And I'm not the only one who thinks this according to the NCC (National Caravan Council), production of touring caravans was up 13.7% in the first six months of 2017 and is on the rise.

Even if like me you don't currently own a campervan or your thinking of buying one but want to test one out first for your next trip or abroad you could always hire one via Compare and Choose. They compare thousands of campervans for your next campervan holiday to suit your budget.

If you are wondering why more people are going on Campervan holidays than I have the answers! You still get to enjoy all your home comforts such as running water and cooking food and you don't need to worry about booking accommodation. Although the initial cost of investing in a campervan may seem expensive, it's important to remember that you're saving in the long term because never again have to pay for expensive hotels. It's also a great way to bond better with friends and family, plus if you have a dog you can take them with you and save money on a dog sitter.

But one of the best things about going on a campervan holiday is that you can go to pretty much anywhere in the world! some destinations are better than others for a campervan holiday especially if there are wide open spaces, epic landscapes, and plenty of welcoming campsites to take a rest and soak up your surroundings.

Why Laminate Flooring is Best for Your Home

Laminate flooring is unmistakably a standout amongst the most well known flooring options these days because of its alluring characteristics. It is practical, durable, exquisite, and offers loads of other benefits that I'm sure will appeal to many homeowners like it did me. When I moved into my own home one of the selling points was that laminate flooring was already fitted throughout out the living space.

Guest Post - Bali and Beyond: The Most Fantastic Things to Do and See in Indonesia

If you are considering Indonesia to be your next holiday destination, you should know some general information about the region. Indonesia can be very exciting and full of surprises if you know where to seek them, you don't want to leave Bali feeling disappointed due to crowds, pollution and fallen expectations. You can find what you are looking for everywhere if you know where to look and where to go next. Here is some useful information from guest blogger Victoria Lim about taking a vacation in Indonesia, and the most beautiful places to see whilst you are there.

How to Spend a Weekend in Bristol

Every year for our anniversary, me and Blake take a trip somewhere either in the UK (we love wales) or in Europe this time we decided to stay a bit closer to home and head to Bristol for our four year anniversary. I say closer to home but it still took us 2 hours to get to Bristol which was okay for me as I could just rest up and look forward to the trip. We had a jam packed itinerary for the weekend so we set off early, with the first stop being adventure caving at Cheddar Gorge.

Biggest Interior Design Trends 2019

Keeping up with interior design trends is a great way to make sure your home looks good, but they also can be a lot of fun as you’ll see the trends reflected elsewhere in society as well, and it will make you more likely to pick up on small details that you’d normally just pass by.

If you’re fed up with the obsession with Nordic design, and can’t stand the thought of looking at another piece of rose gold, this post is just what you need. Finally, pink will turn into black and the clean, minimalistic look of Scandinavia is replaced with warmer and stronger shades.

This year has introduced a few new trends so far, and it seems like we have a lot to look forward to in terms of interior design trends for 2019. Yes the new year will be here before we know it!

Cocktails and Caribbean Food at Turtle Bay, Leamington Spa

Before actually going to the Caribbean last year my first taste of the culture was at Turtle Bay in Leamington Spa and being a big fan of their food and cocktails already I jumped at the chance to review the Caribbean restaurant and bar. Turtle Bay is a chain restaurant across the UK but with a difference, they offer a cool Caribbean vibe as soon as you enter the door with fun, bright and colourful decor along with neon signs and Reggae music playing in the background to really set the mood whilst you indulge over a Caribbean feast.

Styling the Rose Gold Adexe London Watch

A watch is an essential accessory every woman should own because they are not only look stylish when paired with your favourite outfit but are more practical and convenient than your mobile phone telling you the time when out and about. For me a watch is quite a luxury accessory, it's not something I would just go out and buy I would rather wait until a particular occasion like my birthday, anniversary or Christmas. On this particular occasion and luckily for me, I was gifted any watch I wanted by one of the most popular watch brands Adexe London

Designing My Own Dress with Doc Cotton

An email recently landed in my inbox from London based brand Doc Cotton asking if I wanted to design my own piece of clothing! Of course I jumped at the chance, I've always wanted a unique dress that no one else has and thanks to them I got to do exactly that! I was not familiar with the brand but that's what's great about being a fashion blogger discovering up and coming brands and this one really is unique and exciting!

What I also like about Doc Cotton is they have a very good ethos. Whilst their mission is for you to create your own customised clothing they are doing it sustainably by making all clothing in a studio by seamstresses who all receive over the London living wage. Each garment is also made bespoke so no garments are wasted and destroyed and all the fabrics are sourced from the UK and they only used high quality 100% cotton.

Why Jewellery Should Be Your Number One Accessory

Ask a dozen different people what’s the most important element of their wardrobe? And you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. Some people will argue, that it’s their shoe collection that is their favourite. Others will tell you that it’s that one dress, which they have five carbon-copies of, that defines their fashion sense and their ability to express their true self through what they wear.

Everyone has different pieces of fashion trends that they gravitate to more strongly, and everyone has a favourite outfit or accessory. But, be that as it may, there are some really good reasons to focus on your jewellery collection, from silver nose studs to chunky steel bracelets. Here are some reasons why jewellery should take the number one spot.

Doutzen Kroes & Hunkemöller Swimsuit Review

Hunkemöller is a brand I have worked with on Call Me Liz before reviewing one of their gorgeous bras but this time they kindly gifted me a swimsuit to review from their new swimwear collection with international topmodel and Hunkemöller ambassador Doutzen KroesThe stunning swimwear collection is inspired by nature and the tropical climate of Brazil and the rest of Latin America. All of the bikinis, swimsuits, beach clothing and accessories that Doutzen has designed have a jungle theme with plenty of animal prints, rain drops and textures bringing to life her passion for nature. 

Ways To Make Your House Feel More Like A Home

If you’re like most people then you would agree there’s a significant difference between walking into a “house” and walking into a “home”. Home is a lot less tangible and hard to define, but we can always sense a feeling of home when we enter someone’s house, yet sometimes this vital component can feel like it's missing altogether. This essence of home is imperative to feeling happy and harmonious in your property - and just like with most things, there’s a recipe to achieve it.

See, we all want to create a feeling of home, for ourselves and loved ones, yet just because we live in a nice house it doesn’t necessarily mean we will feel at home there.  Our sense of home seems to transcends the value of the bricks and mortar that are associated with the property; and even goes beyond the aesthetic beauty or well considered interior design.

5 Things to Remember When Searching for the Perfect Dress

The overall process of buying a dress can be a breeze. Typically, you’d start with choosing your favourite brand. You’d then walk into your nearest store or boot up your laptop, browsing the relevant sections. You see a dress you like in the most perfect colour or pattern, choose your size, place it in your basket or take it to the till. Simple, right? Actually, the perfect dress doesn’t always come that easily. From going out dresses, to your ideal wedding dress, getting that perfect fit or and style isn’t always a walk in the park. Who can relate?! 

There are certain things to consider which will help you when purchasing your ideal dress. It’s important to embrace your body shape and know what suits you, as well as physically making some changes yourself if needed. Here’s what you should bear in mind to keep your shopping trips as successful as possible.

Tips for Preparing for your Summer Holiday

Now the kids are breaking up from school for the summer holidays, the majority of us are going to be jetting off somewhere hot (5 weeks and counting for me). But before you go on holiday you should always prepare a beach vacation packing list so you don't forget anything. Whether you're a couple or a family going on a short or long stay beach holiday you're bound to forget something, you're only human after all. Luckily for you I have prepared lots of travel tips to help you stay organised.

Guest Post: Chic Ways to Dress Up a White Tee

In the vast universe of clothing garments, there are T-shirts, and then there are white T-shirts, which are a completely separate entity, even though they officially belong to this ‘casual garment’ family. If there were a casual clothing hall of fame, the white tee would be displayed there, right next to that perfect pair of jeans, a timeless trench coat and the iconic motto leather jacket. Yes, a white tee has a very special place in fashion and should hence have a very special place in your wardrobe. Why? The reasons are quite palpable. The mighty white tee has the ability to complete every outfit without being intrusive but still help the outfit pop. The right cut and neckline flatters every body type, and the crisp whiteness exudes that polish, clean and sleek vibe despite the fact that, on its own, a white tee seems plain and regular. 

 However, that’s where its charm lies – in its ability to blend and pop, be dressed up or down and be your savoir on many an occasion. Now that you know just how vital it is for you to own at least one white simple tee that compliments your figure perfectly, let’s play dress up and discover all the chic outfits you can use – all revolving around the tee.

Five Ways to Say Thank You

If you have someone who has done something great for you either at work or in your personal life this year, you will likely want to say thank you to them in a meaningful way. Depending on how big the gesture is, you might want to do something really special for them, and below I have a few great ideas which you can use. 

The Little White Dress

White is one of those colours that you need to wear wisely especially if you're going to be around pets, food or drink and if you're rather clumsy (like me) you're guaranteed to drop something down you. On this occasion I decided to chance it because I was off to the Billesley Manor gin festival which is a rather fancy hotel in Stratford Upon Avon and I wanted to take lots of outfit photos!

Billesley Manor Gin Festival 2018

On Sunday I was invited along with my photographer friend Hannah to Billesley Manor Gin Festival. Having only recently discovered my love for gin being that it's the on trend drink right now and UK distilleries and gin brands popping up everywhere, I was really excited to explore the different flavours of gin from local gin distilleries and relax in the sunshine.

Portugal Holiday Outfits 2018

This time last week I was in sunny Portugal relaxing and drinking plenty of sangria's, now it's back to reality and I'm reminiscing about the wonderful holiday and what I wore. Getting vacay ready is one of the things I most look forward to when going on holiday and I knew that Portugal was no exception with it's beautiful floral backdrops. I needed to pack some essentials for beach days and lazing by the pool and also nice evening looks for dinner. And the best part is they are all affordable from the high street! 

Primark bikini & sunglasses, Boohoo shorts

Guest post: Five Hipster Products All Millennials Need In Their Home

With Brighton recently being labelled the ‘Most Hipster City in The World’ and as a born and bred Brightonian (and wannabe hipster), I felt inspired to pen a piece on adding a little millennial magic to your home. So, if you are looking for ways to incorporate this trend, read on for my ideas and remember to check out Liz’s awesome guide on ways to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home for more fabulous interior design tips too!

Before we get into your most-wanted hipster items, first stop is creating the quintessential backdrop. Imagine an industrial interior with exposed brick or beams uniting two different themes for a rustic and unfinished look. Or, a very minimal interior that shouts ‘Scandi’ with clean lines, light neutral colours and little furniture. Once you have this in place, here are the five items that will have you well on your way to creating a humble-chic abode.

(Image credit: Pinterest)

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Boat

When you’re travelling, using public transport can be a bit of a gamble. In some countries, you’ll be on a comfortable train that always comes on time and doesn’t cost that much. In others, you’ll find yourself on a cramped bus with no air conditioning for hours on end. Those long distance journeys are the thing you really need to watch out for. But there is an alternative, getting a boat ride. People often think of boats as a leisurely activity, which they are, but they’re also a great way to get from A to B. These are just some of the many benefits of travelling by boat.

Ways To Transform Your Kitchen Into the Heart Of The Home

The old saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses has never been more true than it is in today's housing market. When the discerning purchaser is looking around a potential new home, they can be easily seduced by a luxury double shower, granite worktops, 3D resin flooring and sophisticated integrated appliances. People in the twenty-first century enjoy open plan living, the feeling of space and a kitchen that really is the heart of the home. This is the hub where heartbreaks are shared over coffee, families come together to celebrate birthdays, and new culinary delights are invented. If you want your kitchen to be the heart of your home, read on to discover just how easy it is to achieve.

Date Night Beauty Prep for Him and Her

If you're in a relationship you may have regular date nights, you might go out for a fancy dinner or perhaps you take time out to cook at home or if your currently looking for love your next date could be your next chance to impress, either way you want getting ready for any date to be fun rather than a challenge especially if you have the first date nerves.

 Once you have the date details sorted, it's time to work on your beauty regime, whether your male or female, we all need a little help now and again. This could include selecting the right outfit for the type of date or choosing the perfect women's or men’s perfume to help you feel more confident. But remember less is definitely more when it comes to smelling nice, you don't want it to be overpowering for your date. Read some more helpful beauty tips for getting date ready below.

Boho Styling with One Tribe Apparel

With the festival season in full swing in the UK and summer finally on its way, it gives us fashion girls a chance to experiment with our style and step out of our comfort zones with boho chic fashion. Think plenty of denim, tassels, crochet, sheer, suede, florals and kimonos to create that 70s inspired boho outfit or just take a look at Sienna Millers style for inspiration she practically invented bohemian fashion, back in 2005. 

I also have a cool and unique fashion brand to share with you today that embraces such trend and Thai boho fashion in particular - One Tribe ApparelStarted by a couple who wanted to centre their designs around vibrant patterns, handmade craftsmanship and a hippie soul but also make a difference. Since 2017 they are supporting the Elephant Nature Park - an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Northern Thailand by donating every $1 from every piece of clothing that is sold on their website. They also kindly sent me some boho fashion that I'm styling today to inspire you for summer.

Bringing Important Memories Into Your Decor

Bringing memories into your decor is a great way to show more of your personality, fill your home with love and happiness and ensure that your decor is always unique. It’s a wonderful way to make a house a home and give it plenty of personal touches, creating a talking point and giving your rooms new focus. Your home, after all, is your private space. It’s where you are free to relax and be yourself. Nothing makes this easier than being surrounded by important memories and things that mean something to you. Here are some ways to incorporate your memories into your decor

Inntravel UK Walking Holidays

When I start planning my holidays, I always think of going to Europe or further away but I am very blessed to be living in the UK where there are various cities to explore and what better way to do that then on a walking holiday with Inntravel. They offer many types of walking holidays all year round and whatever your fitness level, including self-guided, non-group walking, village-to-village walking and family trips.

I particularly love walking wherever I am in the world, I think it's the best way to get a feel for a place, but even if you loathe walking just think of the refreshing fresh air, exercise and amazing views of the countryside you could be experiencing. But also walking takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life. It's sometimes nice to forget about our mobile phones and switch off from social media and the internet, this means you can interact more and reconnect with your friends, partner or children.

How to Wear Polka Dots

Retro trends are definitely making a comeback, first came the gingham trend but now it's all about Polka Dots! You might think of the black and white colour combination when you think of polka dots but I'm here to show you that there's lots more brighter, summery colours on the high street and also different sized dots! Meaning you can keep it subtle if you want or if you're really daring you could even wear head to toe polka dots or even mix them up with stripes!

 There is plenty of polka dot styles on the high street including trousers for a more tailored look, cute polka dot blouses that you can pair with denim, wrap style dresses for the office or shopping trips and also sophisticated skirts like mine! This huge summer trend, might even be a bit of competition for florals (if that's even possible) but I have managed to incorporate them too with todays cute summer look.

Bottomless Brunch at Aster London

We've all heard of brunch but the "newish" trend inspired by America and now taking over UK cities including London is Bottomless Brunch. So last weekend I planned a trip to London to see my friend Hannah who lives there and we booked my first ever bottomless brunch (yes I know where have I been doing with my life?). We decided to go to Aster Restaurant and Cafe in Victoria, London because she has been before and said it was amazing! As soon as I saw the floral decorations on the door I was keen to get inside and experience it for myself.

Five Must See Places and Sights Around the World

When we think of our travel bucket list or just simply the places we want to travel to there is always a reason why we want to travel there, usually it's because the place has a hidden gem, it's famous for a particular reason or has a popular landmark that is drawing you to that particular country. There are some cities you should visit and others that can be skipped but that is your own personal preference. But you can be assured no matter where you live in the world, there are incredible places and architectural sights to see, so make sure you eventually tick them off your list because you'll only regret it in the long term. Below are my must see places to inspire you for your next trip away.