Cosy Bedroom Ideas for Autumn and Winter

Autumn/Winter is nearly here and not only do I want to escape from the cold already and curl up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate sounds bliss right? But I also want to make my bedroom a whole lost cosier or should I say more hygge! The Danish concept of living cosily, hygge calls for richer textures, rustic materials and layered blankets. A new season also gives me the chance to try out some of my interior ideas on my Pinterest board... who's with me?! Luckily for me and you there are plenty of easy changes you can make to turn your bedroom into a cosy, welcoming space you'll struggle to leave!

Make your bedding cosier
Your bed is the central focus and there's nothing quite like collapsing into layers of soft sheets at the end of a busy day. 
Layer these sheets with stacked pairs of plump pillows, then add a large winter quilt. All-white scheme goes pretty well with all decor just remember it's all about adding texture to bring out the cosiness.
Create a reading nook

Being forced to spend more time indoors doesn't
 have to be a bad thing when you can get cosy with a good book and if you have plenty of space in your bed to utilize a reading nook could be a potential option. If you're able to create a window seat with bookshelf even better but if not purchase a cosy and comfortable chair along with a small table and reading lamp.

Mix up your colour scheme

If your willing to change your decor completely opt for different colours for your bedroom or 
create maximum impact by choosing just one colour for the entire scheme. If you love metallics pick out copper, bronze, silver and gold tones because these shimmery finishes can shoot light around the room and warm dark corners. Or if you prefer pastels you could pick out pinks, mauves, blues and mints on a backdrop of dove grey all bringing a fresh and tranquil feel to your autumn/winter bedroom.  

Opt for warmer lighting
One of the quickest ways to take your bedroom from summer to autumn and create a cosy ambience is to swap out your light bulbs to warmer tones of lighting and invest in a bedside lamp or floor lamp to add that extra dimension of warm. To create 
extra romance in your bedroom, bring in scented candles (very hygge) or drape fairy lights above the headboard, over a bookshelf, along the curtain pole or dressing table mirror.

Weatherproof your windows

Swap your lightweight curtains for heavier and t
ightly woven curtains made of wool, silk, and mohair these tend to keep heat in and cold air out. Choose a set in a warm fall colour or pattern that ties into your bedroom’s existing colour palette. If you already have bedroom curtains line them with thermal interlining to really hold in the heat or if your windows are already outfitted with blinds, simply hang curtains over them.

Layer up with throws, blankets and cushions

There's no better feeling than being warm and cosy this season but by adding a gorgeous, soft faux fur or velvet throw or a thick knitted blanket you're guaranteed to feel a whole lot more cosy. A statement throw can also instantly transform the overall look of your autumn/winter bedroom too. Finish off your new cosy bedroom with fluffy cushions to match!

Don’t forget your flooring

 You may already have carpet in your bedroom but if you're looking for something a little more contemporary for your bedroom Amtico have lots of inspiring vinyl flooring options for autumn/winter. You could even add a super-soft rug to keep your feet toasty!

How are you making your bedroom more cosy?

Liz x

*This is a sponsored post with Amtico

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