5 Ways To De-Stress After The Festive Season

Even though the holidays are meant to be the most wonderful time of the year, for some it can sometimes bring more stress than joy. With endless amount of gifts to buy, making your home look perfect for guests and festive food to cook it can be rather overwhelming. But after the big day is over its important we take the time to unwind and start the new year with a fresh mind using these five easy relaxation tips below.

Make your home cosy this winter

As far as winters go, we haven’t actually had a bad one so far. There have been a few moments where the weeks were a little bit frosty in the morning, and some parts of the country have had a sprinkle of snow. But it’s safe to say that so far, the winter has been exactly like it was last year, rather mild.  It doesn’t help that the nights have drawn in, meaning it feels dark and cold far earlier than it usually does. So if there’s one place of safe haven that we all have, it’s within our homes. It's so easy to make it cosy and warm for the rest of this winter, and I show you how below.

The Encore Festive Launch Event

When you're a foodie like me Christmas is definitely the best time of year, so when I was invited by The Encore to review their festive menu I jumped at the chance! They are a local pub to me in Stratford Upon Avon right by the river avon and one I have actually reviewed before when they had an amazing refurbishment last year. This time the decor was extra glamorous with the addition of twinkly lights and a Christmas tree.

Mauritius Holiday Outfits

Whenever I go on holiday I like to plan my outfits so not only I feel good but can look back at photos of my trips and share them on the gram of course. With Mauritius being a luxury holiday and ended up being the place where I got engaged (yes very exciting!) I wanted to wear clothes that were bright and sophisticated. 

Blue Vanilla Red Tropical Dress

When you think of Mauritius I'm sure the first word that comes to mind is tropical! And this Blue Vanilla dress was made for this beautiful island and it was even more special because it was the dress I got engaged in. I love the bright red colour which I hardly wear and had a lovely wrap style with a midi length.

The Botanist Coventry Review

When a restaurant is described as a botanical world awaits... it definitely makes me curious so when me and my fiance were recently invited to try out the new autumn menu of The Botanist in Coventry, I was rather excited to see what was in store and it didn't disappoint. Located in the Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre you can't miss the big neon sign at the front.

Our engagement trip to Intercontinental Mauritius Resort

If you didn't know by now I love to travel and I was lucky enough to win a trip to Mauritius with fashion brand Blue Vanilla which of course was an amazing surprise! But little did I know my partner Blake was planning an even bigger surprise for when I arrived at our beautiful all inclusive hotel - Intercontinental Mauritius Resort situated within the boundaries of Balaclava Bay and close to the capital, Port Louis.

Things To Consider When Buying Your First Home

If you are preparing to buy your first home, I know just how scary and stressful it can be, having bought our first home in Stratford Upon Avon this year. But with these first home tips below you can look at reducing the stress, challenges and hopefully make your first time search and move as easy as possible.

The Boxing Hare Review

Recently, my fiance and I were invited to review The Boxing Hare in Chipping Norton, a cosy Cotswold gastropub that from just looking at the outside I knew I was going to love. Owned by successful London Restaurateur of 30 years Antony Griffith Harris and his partner Stacey C. Elder with head chef Nick Anderson who comes with extensive experience and a few Michelin stars under his belt. Their aim with The Boxing Hare is to champion the best seasonal produce locally sourced from British farmers which I think is one of the reasons it's a big hit.

Small Ways To Improve Your Health

There are many things in our lives that we consider to be a priority, but it’s more surprising that we don’t put ourselves at the top of our priority lists very often. Especially if you have other responsibilities such as children or an elderly relative. When it comes to looking after yourself, it is and should be a big part of your life. Often we will tell other people that they should slow down and take care of themselves, even though we may have the same stresses and strains as them. So how do we achieve optimum health and fitness, when we are leading busy lives and don’t know where to start? They do say start at the beginning, so why not write down a list of all the health and fitness problems you feel your face, and start from there. 

The Pashley Picnic 2019

You will of at some point of seen a Pashley bike maybe outside Peggy Porschen in London or on social media they are hard to miss with their colourful frames and cute baskets! But what you might not know is that every year they hold an event in their hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon for all their customers to get together and have a jolly good time!

This year was my fifth Pashley Picnic ride! But as they say time flies when you're having fun and what a fun day we had indeed! Held on Saturday 14th September we were blessed with beautiful sunshine again and even more riders than usual who turned out in their very best vintage attire. We all met at the traditional cycle shop in the centre of my home town of Stratford-upon-Avon and where you'll find many Pashley bikes to lust over. Then once everyone had arrived it was time for a gentle 12 mile ride through the Warwickshire countryside followed by a picnic party by the river avon which included pass the parcel, music, food and lots of champagne!

How To Transform Your Living Room For The New Season

It’s coming up to that time of year where all you want to do is be snuggled up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea. You’ll also be waking up to mornings that are colder and darker than they’ve been all year, and the nights will start drawing in so that by the time your 5pm finish at work comes around, you’re pretty much going to be leaving in the darkness. 

So, if there’s one room in the home that helps us to feel all nice and cosy, it’s the living room. It’s the one area of your home that you go to at the end of the day to put your feet up and just relax. But considering we’re now going through a change of season, your living room might not be as geared up to be as cosy as you would like it to be, and that’s where these tips will help. Whilst you have the chance, you might as well look into a complete living room design, because it’s not as expensive as it sounds! 

Getting Autumn Ready with Boden

It may not feel like autumn yet but it will be here before we know it and like always I like my wardrobe to be ready with prints and colours galore! Lucky for me Boden are designing the most perfect pieces whether you're looking for something to wear to the office or for simply chilling at the weekend, they have you covered. Their new blazers are designed in unique British-made Tweeds and of course not forgetting my favourite transitional trend - lots of stripes. But another trend that has me ready for autumn is leopard print which I'm styling below to get you inspired.

Guest Post: Spring Proof Your Skin - Say Hello Glow and Bye Bye Dry

I was commiserating with a family member recently about how dry and sensitive our skin is due to the changing temperatures and environment (we were sledging not long ago and today it's 10 degrees!). It got me researching ways to keep your skin looking flawless when the seasons change and with my findings I have created this simple step-by-step routine to blow away the Winter cobwebs and get your skin glowing ready for the warmer weather. As well as trying out Liz’s gorgeous 80’s curls tutorial I invite you to join me in Spring proofing our skin!

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Carpet

Carpets are as popular as ever bringing quiet and warmth to any home. Many people like carpet throughout their homes. Others want carpet just in certain rooms like bedrooms and hallways. But before you pick what rooms remember it is an absorptive fabric, so reduces sound levels and also acts as a great insulator by helping to keep rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When choosing a carpet for your home there is a lot to think about including where you are going to lay the carpet plus what materials, styles and patterns to choose from so here are some tips for helping you choose the perfect carpet for your home.

Using Lights to Create the Perfect Mood in Your Home

You may not always realise it but indoor lighting affects the ambience and mood of your home, just like natural lighting. Each room in your home needs to have a wide variety of lighting such as ambient lighting also know as general lighting, accent lighting to add character and highlight your room’s main features or task lighting for a work space. Having harsh lighting in a room can make it feel unwelcoming especially when you have friends and family over. 

So remember when updating your home you should be thinking how you can improve the mood with the correct lighting. And in the process you should find the whole look of your home interiors will improve too. Below are some ideas and inspiration for you to look over when thinking about your lighting in your home.

Should You Go On A Cruise? The Pros And Cons

As soon as the summer starts drawing to a close, chances are you’ve already started planning your next holiday to escape the winter blues. If you like to explore a new place every year, you may have started to run out of locations that you want to go - or you might be torn between a lot of different destinations! If that sounds familiar, have you considered taking a cruise? Here are some of the pros and cons of a cruise trip...

Gluten Free Guide to Brixham

I recently visited Brixham in South Devon, along with my boyfriend for our five year anniversary and like any of our weekend breaks I always research places to eat and drink. Being in the English riviera and famous for its fishing dating back to the 14th century, you are bound to find various fish and chip shops but there are other foodie places to eat that may take your fancy plus they offer gluten free!

Key Interior Trends for Summer 2019

Summer is the perfect time of year to refresh your home’s decor, as blue skies, long days and warm weather make it the ideal time of year for reducing clutter and brightening the place up.

If you’re looking to redesign your home this summer, the following tips from Chapel Interiors may spark your imagination. The Cheshire-based designer paint and wallpaper supplier has put together a summary of this season’s key interior trends, including palm grove, painted ceilings and textured surfaces. 


Don't Go To Your Next Festival Without Packing These 10 Things!

There are so many things that you need to take to a festival, that even this list couldn’t possibly cover everything. But to help I have listed 10 of the most important things you should take, and many of them are often forgotten by festival goers! Take a look and see what you need to buy before your next festival. 

The Boden Denim Dress

I'm pleased to share that my brand partnership with British fashion brand Boden has been extended which means I get to inspire you even more over the summer months. An even though the sun is going no where for the moment (Yay!), Boden are planning ahead and styling pieces online that will take you from summer into autumn. Which is not until
23rd September but how quick this year is going it will be here before we know it! And one of those transitional pieces has to be their the long sleeve Breton top (£28) which comes in at least 11 prints including my quirky leopard/stripes and a soft cotton fabric.

boden denim dress

What I Wore to Glastonbury 2019

Festival fashion is so unique that it can mean a whole new wardrobe but remember it's the one place on earth where you can experiment and wear clothing that you may not be caught wearing in your every day life. So as I was going to the biggest festival in the world Glastonbury, this meant I needed to do some serious outfit planning in advance, thank god for next day delivery! 

When I think of festival fashion plenty of fringe, crochet, metallic and sequins spring to mind plus bodysuits, high-waisted denim shorts and embroidered dresses. Then to complete the look it's all about the biodegradable glitter, gems, bumbags, headpieces, belts and statement jewellery.

 So for those who have no idea about what to wear to your next music festival, then look no further than my Glastonbury 2019 outfits to inspire you for years to come.

How To Make Present Buying Cheap

Whenever you have an occasion to buy people presents, you will always want to make sure that you are not overspending along the way. After all, it is not the value of the things which matters, but the thought behind it, so if you can find something truly meaningful without having to spend too much, that is very much a win-win in most people’s books. Of course, sometimes you will want to spend a lot just for the fun of it, but if you are keen to learn how to spend as little as possible on great presents, then there are a number of ways in which you can hope to do just that. In this blog, I will look at some of the things you can do to make buying presents much cheaper on the whole.

The First Things To Buy For A New Home

It is such an exciting time when you move into a new home. It doesn’t matter if it is your first move, or you’ve moved a couple of times before, when you get into a new home, you just can’t help but feel that buzz of excitement. It’s the same as when you get a new car, or a new phone. 

It’s just nice to have something new, or you may be even moving into a house lived in before so you’re most likely going to be even more desperate to put your own stamp on it, but that’s easily done. You’re just going to have so much more fun decorating the home, making it your own, and finally having something that you feel you can settle into. Below are some ideas on what you could potentially change or add first, just so you can make it your own that little bit quicker. So keep on reading, and see if any of these are what your new home needs!

The Ultimate Festival Packing List

With summer comes the best music festivals and this year I'm lucky enough to have got a ticket to the best festival in the world - GLASTONBURY. I couldn't be more excited with less than a few days to go but there is so much to think about including what to pack. If you want to make it through the long fun filled weekend, and really enjoy the festival experience, there are some festival essentials you absolutely can’t go without. As I say it’s always better to be over-prepared than without something you really need. 

How Do You Develop Your Personal Style?

You may have looked at pictures of effortlessly stylish stars on the red carpet, posing at a premiere or even caught candidly by paparazzi boarding a flight or entering into an exclusive restaurant and wondered how exactly they do it. How do they look so instantly recognisable and utterly stylish? The answer lies in the fact that very chic women have put effort into evolving their personal style, and the result is that they look incredible, even off-duty. 

But you may think this is impossible to achieve unless you have a limitless budget, couture designers falling over themselves to dress you and an army of stylists at your disposal, right? Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong if you follow the below style tips.

Snack Alternative to Crisps: Introducing Cheesies

Crisps are one of my favourite snacks especially when I'm at work craving a quick snack and I am not the only one, they are eaten by 93% of UK adults in fact. But are they healthy? The answer is no and for that reason I have cut my crisp intake in the past year. Take ready salted crisps for example they contain 171 calories per packet and nearly 11 grams of fat! 

However I have a snack alternative that I have recently been introduced too and the cheese lover within me is very excited because they are delicious crunchy popped balls of cheese called Cheesies! Which means you can satisfy those cheese and snack cravings at the same time but not feel as guilty! Because they have way less calories!

Josh Wood Hair Products Review

Josh Wood is a new hair brand on my radar created by the renowned British hairdresser and colourist Josh Wood whose clients include Elle Macpherson, Laura Bailey, Kylie Minogue, Mick Jagger, David Bowie plus many more. But not complete with just this, he is reinventing home hair colour as we know it. By creating a whole line of hair products for you to use at home which I have kindly been gifted to try and review.

The King's Head, Wellesbourne Review

Wellesbourne is a large village in Warwickshire that is around 15 minutes from where I live so when The King's Head asked me to review their new refurb and menu I couldn't resist. And having visited a few Vintage Inn pubs before, (186 country pubs dotted across the UK)  I had a feeling the food and service was going to be great and I wasn't wrong.

When having a sneak peek at the menu before we arrived I didn't realise how much history came with The King's Head, Wellesbourne. Originally known as The Wellsbourne Inn in the 1600s, the King's Head was used as a hospital during the English Civil War. During the Second World War, they hosted the RAF pilots and ground crews from near by Wellesbourne airfield.

Finding Bluebells with Boden

When summer arrives an adventure always comes to mind and what's better than being at one with nature and finding blooming bluebells at Oversley Woods, Alcester which is a small market town local to me in Warwickshire. Two miles in length, the walking trail is circular and easy to follow, we visited early May so we weren't sure if we would find any bluebells due to the weather being rather mixed recently, but we were in luck! We managed to find a sea of bluebells to take some photos for my brand collaboration with Boden.

How To Ensure Your Rental Is Homely

With renting on the rise for millennial's and young families in 2019 due to the fact owning a home has increased costs and less flexibility, which means buy to let investors need to think about how they can make their investment a success and attract potential renters more than ever! Whether they’re investing in a residential apartment, a house, or a student property, there are certain things such as space and location that appeal to tenants and make them want to rent a property. One important thing that a lot of landlords may not consider but that attracts a variety of prospective tenants, is a welcoming and homely atmosphere and appearance. If you’re looking for ways to attract tenants and make your buy to let property feel like home, take a look at these simple ideas. 

My Crete Holiday Style

In May I travelled to the beautiful island of Crete for a bit of relaxation and sunshine. Even though it was a short break, I was excited to wear some of my new holiday clothes from Boden who I am an ambassador for and also some other lovely high street additions to my holiday wardrobe.

A Must-See Mini Travel Guide To Malaysia

So you're travelling to Malaysia? A beautiful country in Asia full of diversity, rich history vibrant culture plus so much to see and do, including tasting their amazing cuisine, taking in their stunning parks and architecture and not forgetting the picturesque beaches. If you've got a lot of travel time then you'll want to see as much as you can, so plan your journey with this mini guide so you don't miss a thing.

The Boden Striped Jumpsuit

As you may have seen in one of my previous blog post I am officially an ambassador for Boden, which I am still getting my head around as they're a British brand I absolutely love! Because people are heading on holidays and it's finally summer, the focus for Boden this month is anything but beige. Boden don’t like anything to be boring, so they've made their linen in their dedicated linen shop extra-colourful! 

So this month I chose some key linen pieces including their tropical embroidered shorts and shirt, plus the striped verity jumpsuit which I am styling below in my beautiful hometown of Stratford Upon Avon. I can't wait to wear these light and breezy Boden pieces all summer long!

boden stripe jumpsuit

How to Spend a Day in Knaresborough

This year I made myself a promise that I would visit more places in the UK because there are so many wonderful sights right on my very doorstep. One place I had always wanted to visit was Yorkshire so for my 27th birthday we packed up the car and drove two and a half hours to North Yorkshire. We booked a cute, little air bnb called The Dorm at The Old School (£72 a night) in a village called Whixley which was conveniently located between Harrogate and York. 

On the first day we visited the historic town of Knaresborough on the river Nidd known for its cobbled alleys, a majestic castle, annual bed race and the curios Mother Shipton’s Cave and its petrifying well. Knaresborough ended up being my favourite place on our York adventure so I wanted to share with you how to spend a day in Knaresborough.

Singapore: A Concrete Jungle With Plenty Of Green

Singapore is one of the best countries in Asia when it comes to growth and prosperity. One of the reasons why this great city has prospered is because of the financial and business districts. In fact these districts have fully taken over the central zones of the nation and have become widely recognised all around the world aesthetically. 

The skyline is one to be behold with your own eyes. Travellers and holidaymakers alike should try to get down to the city for another reason however. This brilliant city will surprise you in many ways and one of them is how green it is. Yes it does have a high GDP but that’s not the type of green being referred to here. The parks and vegetation inside the city are looked after and cared for by the government. Their growing skyscrapers and residential buildings are sometimes overbearing but the natural greenery that is open to the public makes life easier. 

Bottomless Brunch & Ball Pit Fun at Ballie Ballerson

If you haven't heard of Ballie Ballerson yet, then you definitely need too. It's the only adult ball pit in Shoreditch London featuring over ONE MILLION balls, where I recently met up with some of my university friends for unlimited pizza, prosecco/pornstar martinis & lots of fun! 

What Are Fashion Labels Doing To Make A Change?

Last year the fashion industry contributed £32.3 billion to UK economy, but beyond the hype and glamour of the industry we are faced with hearing about how the manufacturing of these products are far from being sustainable and environmentally friendly with water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste. As well as these important issues there are some designer fashion labels that are now stepping up to make a change for other reasons such as making a difference to the wider community and social issues. 

Five Fitness Superfoods: are they really worth it?

You have probably heard of Superfoods by now, a term used to describe foods that are considered rich in nutrients and have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties among many other health benefits. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global superfoods market is expected to grow by 7% 2019-2023.

And with lots of people showing an increased interest in their health, wellness foods like sweet potato, avocado, mango, sardines and quinoa are on the rise. However, sometimes healthy eating can mean extra money, so we want to find out along with Suttons (a gardening specialist who provides many products including plant supports) are these five superfoods actually worth the hype?

How Social Media is Changing How We Eat and Drink

While a lot of us use social media to stay in contact with each other we also use it to share our love of food and drink, posting snaps of our Instagrammable lifestyles or our latest travel adventure. But whilst we might not want to always admit it a lot of us spend our daily lives on social media (In the UK alone, there are now 45 million social media users)there is no doubt that technology is changing the way we go about our everyday lives. 

In the Global Food and Drink Trends 2018, Mintel notes that the “iGeneration,” which it identifies as teens and young adults between 10 and 27, “have grown up with technology, which has made interactivity and documentation indispensable parts of everyday life.”

Below Inn Supplies (Suppliers of a wide range of disposable tableware and catering products including paper tablecloths) discuss how social media is changing our eating and drinking habits.

Two Ways to Wear Stripes with Boden

There might still be a chill in the air, but spring is in sight and with it comes new adventures, new clothes to wear and new things to experience. Whether you're packing your case and heading on holiday or discovering new foods, wandering the streets, showing your children something new, looking at art or architecture. Just remember to participate in all that life has to offer and say YES to new adventures!

I have recently said YES to something exciting in my life. I am now an official ambassador for Boden a British fashion brand founded by Johnnie Boden in 1991 and designed all in-house in London. This will be the biggest fashion brand I have worked with in my blogging career and I couldn't be more grateful. I will be sharing lots of my colourful and fun Boden outfits over on my Instagram and blog over the next few months and hope you can join me on this exciting journey!

How to Style Denim for Work

Although office dress codes are becoming more informal (hello dress down Fridays), it’s still nice to feel smart and dress appropriately when heading to work especially if you have meetings. This is why wearing denim for your nine-to-five can be tricky but Trilogy Stores (premium denim retailers of ladies straight cut jeansare on hand with some expert denim styling tips.

Creating A Blog That Can Blossom Into A Business

Maybe you studied marketing at university purely so you could set up a blog, or you just recently new to blogging and found it to be a very fun and exciting experience that you'd like to do more of. However you started, turning a blog into a profitable business is something we’ve all considered including myself, but it's far more difficult in reality. Ultimately, because there are so many bloggers out there nowadays, we've got to have something unique. But in addition to this, we have to embody some form of business awareness. Today I'm talking about what are the best components to embody so a blog can turn into a business? 

Satin Nightwear for Spring with IDentity Lingerie

As we head into spring and things start to get a bit warmer, I like to pack away my winter nightwear in favour of lighter sleepwear whether that be a night shirt, dress or shorts set but I also like them to be as fashionable as my outside wardrobe. That's where IDentity Lingerie come in, they have kindly gifted me a beautiful satin lace babydoll pyjama set which I am sharing my thoughts about below.

How To Save Enough Money To Travel The World

Travelling the world is pretty much a dream come true for many people, but let’s be honest - it’s not exactly something that’s going to come cheap, so if you do have dreams of travelling the world for an extended period of time, then it’s time to start crunching some numbers and seeing how you can make it happen sooner rather than later. In this travel post I'm sharing some tips on how to save enough money to be able to travel the world. Of course, not all of these will apply to you, but these should definitely provide you with a strong foundation to get started from so that it becomes less overwhelming when you start saving money.

Duck Tape Crafts for Your Home

Decorating your home is fun and exciting at the best of times, but even more so if you use your own crafting materials to make something really personal and aesthetically pleasing. Many people are taking up crafting to express their sense of creativity; you can take pride in the fact that you have made your own home d├ęcor. What’s more, you won’t have to spend a fortune on decorating your home if you create your own pieces. Duck Tape Colours, a patterned duct tape retailer, have some handy suggestions for how to use their products to decorate your home on a budget.

False Eyelashes vs. Eyelash Extensions: Which is Better?

When it comes to achieving a dramatic makeup look, accentuating your eyes is key. False eyelashes and eyelash extensions both make it easy to upsize and accentuate your eyes, albeit with a very different price for each.

Inexpensive and easy to apply, false eyelashes can look fantastic when used properly. They’re available in a range of sizes and styles, can be modified to suit your eye shape and offer great versatility and flexibility.

More expensive and significantly more complicated to apply, eyelash extensions offer realism and subtlety, but at a cost. Below, I've compared both of these options to help you pick the best option for your needs, tastes and budget.