Stylish Stripes for Spring

Spring is the one word I have been waiting to hear since January and since the dreaded beast from the east hit us in the UK. So when the clocks went forward last Sunday my blogger wardrobe was ready and waiting and so was the beautiful pub garden at the Saxon Mill in Warwick. Even though I only live 15 minutes away I had never been here before but came across it on google and knew it was perfect for a sunny spring day and a great opportunity to take some new outfit pictures of my new striped top.

Instagrammable Places in Oxford

Oxford is just over an hour from my hometown of Stratford Upon Avon and a place I love to explore when I get the chance, one of my best friends also lives there so I've become quite familiar with the streets and the most beautiful places to take photos. It helps that in Oxford you will find wonderful architecture, amazing restaurants and one of the oldest and most famous universities. So if you love photography as much as me or just want to fill your Instagram with pretty pictures I have compiled a list of my favourite places to take photos in Oxford.

Signs That You May Need Glasses

Wearing glasses can happen to anyone at any stage of their lives, I have worn glasses myself since I was five years old when they were not so trendy! But wearing them from a young age has meant that I now only have to wear them for reading and computer work which is great!

Many people do find that when they grow older, when our bodies start to change you may gradually lose your sight. Whether it's down to ageing or simply the fact that we spend a lot of our time staring at our phone or computer screens, if you feel you need to get glasses from somewhere like Glasses 2 You or even contact lenses to aid you in sight it's so easy to book an optician appointment and find glasses that are suitable for your eyes.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Edinburgh

Living in the UK there are so many places to travel to including Scotland way up north and even though I have travelled a lot in my twenty-six years I have never ventured that far, so travelling to Edinburgh for the weekend was very exciting and a new place to explore. I booked this particular trip for the boyfriends birthday because what do you get a guy who has everything? We decided to travel by train because it was way cheaper (advance ticket £30 each) and it takes about four hours from Birmingham. We also stayed in a super cheap Travelodge on Queen Street which was super central to explore this beautiful Scottish city that has lots to offer.

Top Places To Visit For #StressFreeShopping

Shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, I love getting together with friends and family to browse around the shops and maybe even get a spot of lunch and now spring is just around the corner it's the perfect time to get out and about. Even if you know someone who has mobility issues be it a friend or family member like me, my grandad unfortunately has Parkinson's which means he has to use a mobility scooter when shopping because he is unsteady on his feet.

Whether you have mobility needs or not, shopping should always be stress free and a memorable experience that's why I have teamed up with Fenetic Wellbeing, an amazing mobility company who provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs plus they offer free delivery and a one year warranty on all of their mobility products. I am getting involved with their #StressFreeShopping campaign, to look at the top places to visit for an enjoyable stress free shopping day in the midlands.

Winter Layering with Lapasa

This past week, the UK has been hit by Storm Emma a mix of snow and high winds with temperatures reaching as low as -5 where I live, which rarely ever happens and of course the UK is never ready for such temperatures. The only other time I have been in lower temperatures than -5 is when I travelled to the Icehotel in Sweden, so I really needed to find some appropriate winter clothing if I was to leave my house.

Luckily I was gifted a new winter coat to review just in time for the snow fall by Lapasa, a Canadian brand that specialises in performance and fitness wear focusing on comfort, high quality and high-tech clothing. With a base in Hong Kong and a store on Amazon meaning its super easy and convenient to get hold of their designs of yoga pants, sports bras, leggings, underwear, fleeces, coats and shirts for both men and women.

Below is how I styled the Lapasa coat for the winter chill in my home town of Stratford Upon Avon looking even more beautiful in the snow.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

With less than a week until Mother’s Day, you may have purchased your gifts already but if you don’t already know what you are getting her, don't fret there's still plenty of time!

For me, my mum has done so much for me throughout my life, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time for me to thank her for all her hard work and love by spoiling her with something extra special. There are plenty of options but here are some of the best gift ideas for your mum.