Saving Money with Groupon Coupons

If you're looking to save money when purchasing online then discount codes and coupons are the way to do it. Whenever I am looking to buy something (mostly clothing) I hate paying for delivery or want to try and get it a little bit cheaper I scour the internet for a discount code. This is where Groupon Coupons comes in. (This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine) 

groupon coupons
What is Groupon Coupons?

If you haven't heard of Groupon yet, where have you been? I have always been a big fan of Groupon myself mainly for; restaurants, items for the home, luggage and cheap hotels. But sometimes with all these bargains you can miss the coupon page, I know I have before. You may not even be shopping for anything in particular but if you see a coupon for a percentage off it can sometimes sway you to have a browse, as it often does for me!


How to use Groupon Coupons

Groupon Coupons are really simple to use as they have a featured coupons section showing the top coupons, categories, student discounts (wishing I was still a student) and a search box so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Once you have spotted your chosen brand/website either click get coupon code or see sale and it will show you the code and take you straight to the website. Easy!

The best clothing and travel deals with Groupon Coupons

Have you ever used Groupon coupons before?

Liz x

Digital Camera vs iPhone: Which one is best for bloggers?

If you're a blogger having high quality photography is a must. When I first started years ago I would take them on my mobile phone in the back garden or in front of a mirror and the shameful thing is I actually thought they looked good but times have changed...

As time has past I am yet to invest in a DSLR camera instead I tend to use my iPhone 5S for my Instagram photo's and a Panasonic Lumix FZ28 for some outfit posts, sadly both are now showing their age. I am very lucky to have a friend who takes my pictures with her amazing Nikon camera so I haven't had to splash out on buying one but if I was to buy one would I opt for a better iPhone or both?!

Is a Digital Camera for you?

In my first fashion job I remember being handed the office camera and not even knowing what to do with it, there were so many buttons and functions...I was worried about breaking it! As time has gone by I have a little bit more experience with SLR cameras but I still wouldn't know which one to buy.

I have read so many top 10 lists online and a lot of people I have spoken to will always recommend a Nikon or a Canon but I think with a camera (much like the perfect party dress), unless you try it first it's hard to decide which one will be right for you. Another factor to consider is what you want to take pictures of, for me it's fashion outfits, so not only do I need a great camera but indoor backdrops and lighting are equally important. Another thought to consider is whether you will have someone to take the pictures for you, if not you will have to use a tripod and a hand remote or timer which can be a real pain to get natural shots with.

If I was buying a new camera I would go to my local electronics store and try a few out. Then you can always look online for a better price if you find the camera for you. To view some of the best budget DSLR cameras from last year click here 

Why use an iPhone?

According to statistics Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones worldwide! So we can guarantee that quite a lot of people including bloggers use an iPhone to take their pictures. I have owned my iPhone 5s for over 2 years now; taking pictures of holiday destinations, outfits, selfies and flatlays, but I have to edit my pictures a lot as lighting can be difficult to get right, and sometimes the shots are not the best they can be. 

But I know for a fact if I get my upgrade in April, I will be aiming for either the iPhone 6 or 7 as the camera is going to be so much better than my current handset. 
To compare; the iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel camera and optical image stabilisation (OIS) whereas the iPhone 6 has a 8-megapixel camera but a lack of OIS. The best thing for me about an iPhone is the convenience I can take it wherever I go, it fits in the smallest of bags and I can upload them straight to social media there is no faffing!

What do you prefer to use for your photography a Digital Camera or an iPhone?

Liz x

January Sale Bargains

After Christmas it can be a bit depressing going back to work and we're all desperate for our next payday myself included but one thing to get excited about are the January sales. I have found that most of the clothing I buy in the sale is from online instead of instore because I can't stand going through the rails trying to find my size. Online shopping is easy-peasy.

What I bought in the January Sales

boohoo floral dress

1. Floral cut out dress from Boohoo £8

I wore this Boohoo dress on Christmas Eve, I love that the cut out section isn't too low and the whole choker effect is really trendy right now. My blue clutch from New Look I have had for ages but it matches perfectly.

primark topshop

2. Primark Sparkly Jumper £5
Topshop Pink Skirt £18

The Topshop skirt was my most expensive buy this month but I had a voucher and it was petite so the perfect fit for me. I cant wait to style it in the Spring.

leopard print boots

3. Primark Leopard Print Boots £5

I went to Primark in Banbury near where I live it's such a great store compared to the Birmingham one lots of space to look around and more variety of clothing. I managed to pick up all these boots for £5 each and lots of jumpers including this sparkly number.

pink top primark boots

4. Primark Burgundy Boots £5
Florence and Fred off the shoulder top £6

I spotted this top doing my weekly shop in Tesco so was so pleased to see it reduced can't wait to wear it in SS17 and pink is going to be the colour trend of the year!

primark boots missguided skirt

5. Primark snake boots £5

The snake detailing on the heel is so trendy and inside these Primark boots are super comfy. They even match my new leather skirt - a great alternative to black.

pink blouse

If you haven't visited La Redoute yet then your missing out they currently have up to 70% off at the moment. This blouse was so cheap but the quality is amazing I have a habit of buying tops with collars.

Primark Khaki Beanie £4

I recently collaborated with Apricot Clothing their clothing is so unique and this scarf is so soft! I also bought an off the shoulder top that I can't wait to wear on a night out.

Have you bought any bargains this month?

Liz x

My Favourite Looks in 2016

In 2016 my little blog did really well and I want to do even better in 2017 by being more active on social media particularly twitter, writing more guest posts and continuing with better outdoor photos. I have worked with some amazing brands this year including Johnny Loves Rosie, Aspire Style, Trollied Dolly & Apricot Clothing so big thanks to my lovely followers/readers and to my photographer Hannah. She makes my outfit shots even better and shes such a pleasure to work with.

As you can see from the pictures below I like to be very girlie and wear a lot of skirts and dresses but also love to wear denim and a jumper for casual days where I just want to be comfy. Click the links to see the outfits in full!

Favourite Outfits

Which look is your favourite?

Liz x

Travel Destinations 2017

In 2016 I was lucky enough to visit some really beautiful travel destinations including the IceHotel in Sweden, Gran Canaria and Budapest. Since then I have definitely got the travel bug I am constantly online and on the airline apps looking for holidays that I probably can't afford but my motto is you only live once. Therefore 2017 is no different I already have two booked and two others in the pipeline.

I even have a couple of travel quotes that I like to live by:

"Collect moments not things"

"We have nothing to lose but a world to see"

"Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul"


For Christmas the boyfriend was super surprised because I am taking him to Amsterdam after his birthday in March. I have always wanted to go myself and I got a super bargain with Vueling on flights so it was meant to be. I am super excited about renting a bike and cycling around to wherever the dam wants to takes us, booking a river cruise, trying out the local eateries as were both proper foodies and taking lots of photographs of the beautiful dutch landscape.


Dominican Republic

I was lucky enough to win this all inclusive holiday to the Dominican Republic I never would of been able to afford it myself the Caribbean is not cheap! The best thing is everything is included and because were staying in the south at Dreams La Ramona, Playa Bayahibe there are little islands close by and its surrounded by tropical jungle. I am going to try and not leave my sunbed unless its to eat, drink or take a dip in the warm ocean.

Dominican republic


This isn't booked yet me and the girls are looking at options at the moment. I have always wanted to go to Ibiza since I was 18 and as were all turning 25 this year its the perfect time to let our hair down and have fun. Even though I am settled with my wonderful home etc I still think its healthy to have time with your friends and make some great memories with them. I have heard that San Antonio is the best place to stay and I need a lot of money for the clubs.



We are planning to go to Barcelona around August time for our three year anniversary I actually went in the winter in 2016 for a hen party but only for a short time so I didn't get to experience all the tourists spots. Its much better in the Summer as you get to lay on the 4.2km  beach and I am also excited to go to some rooftop bars and try some local cuisine. The boyfriend has never been before so I will be the tour guide for this holiday.


Have you ever been to any of these places? 

Liz x

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