Dating Etiquette and Expectations for the First Date

Whether you date constantly or are getting back into the dating game, dating can be rather daunting and challenging but the good thing about a first date is that it's a completely new person who you have never met before. This means you're excited and nervous all at the same time but will probably have some dating expectations too like who is going to pay the bill or will he/her like me. But if you erase those dating expectations and put less pressure on yourself, you have nothing to lose and could end up potentially having the perfect date.

On the other hand I think certain dating etiquette should always be followed if you want to make a great first impression. For example making sure your mobile is off providing no distractions, be on time for the date and look smart, remember to listen to them and ask questions and don't mention ex's unless they ask.
What matters the most to men and women when it comes to dating?

Ferratum - a provider of mobile financial services 
have broken down the trends of modern dating into a handy infographic below to see what matters the most to men and women when it comes to dating etiquette and expectations. I have also shared my thoughts on this too.

 44% of men put more effort in their appearance when they are single vs in a relationships. Women are more likely to put in just as much effort in their appearance when they are single and in a relationship.

This statistic really doesn't surprise me, for me I love my fashion and beauty so I have always cared about my appearance whether I am single or with someone. It's a real confidence booster when you look and feel good.

 50% of men agree that dating apps are a good way of meeting people, while only 40% of women agree.

I think women tend to get put of dating apps when they have a bad experience, I'll admit I wasn't the luckiest when it came to dating, but I'm a big fan of dating apps after moving to Stratford Upon Avon, not knowing anyone there I decided to join Tinder. Little did I know five months later that I would end up meeting the perfect gentleman! We've been together four years now and we are still as happy as ever so I'm living proof that they do work for some people.

Women are far more likely to stalk someone on social media before going on a date with them (54%) while only 40% of men admit to doing so.

If you've been set up by a friend I think you are less cautious, but meeting on a dating app there is the fear of being cat fished or they could be lying about certain things, so its not unusual to have a little stalk on Facebook. I was lucky to have mutual friends with my boyfriend but for safety reasons I would always meet the date in a public place like a pub or restaurant that you know quite well.

 68% of men would offer to pay on the first date but then many of these would suggest to split the bill on a repeat date (41%)

 I think you can always tell what kind of person they are if they offer to pay. But I'm the kind of person who would offer to split the bill on the first date in the hope that they would offer to pay. 

Do you have any first date tips?

Liz x

*This is a sponsored post with Ferratum but all thoughts are my own

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