5 Ways To De-Stress After The Festive Season

Even though the holidays are meant to be the most wonderful time of the year, for some it can sometimes bring more stress than joy. With endless amount of gifts to buy, making your home look perfect for guests and festive food to cook it can be rather overwhelming. But after the big day is over its important we take the time to unwind and start the new year with a fresh mind using these five easy relaxation tips below.

Make your home cosy this winter

As far as winters go, we haven’t actually had a bad one so far. There have been a few moments where the weeks were a little bit frosty in the morning, and some parts of the country have had a sprinkle of snow. But it’s safe to say that so far, the winter has been exactly like it was last year, rather mild.  It doesn’t help that the nights have drawn in, meaning it feels dark and cold far earlier than it usually does. So if there’s one place of safe haven that we all have, it’s within our homes. It's so easy to make it cosy and warm for the rest of this winter, and I show you how below.

The Encore Festive Launch Event

When you're a foodie like me Christmas is definitely the best time of year, so when I was invited by The Encore to review their festive menu I jumped at the chance! They are a local pub to me in Stratford Upon Avon right by the river avon and one I have actually reviewed before when they had an amazing refurbishment last year. This time the decor was extra glamorous with the addition of twinkly lights and a Christmas tree.