Date Night Beauty Prep for Him and Her

If you're in a relationship you may have regular date nights, you might go out for a fancy dinner or perhaps you take time out to cook at home or if your currently looking for love your next date could be your next chance to impress, either way you want getting ready for any date to be fun rather than a challenge especially if you have the first date nerves.

 Once you have the date details sorted, it's time to work on your beauty regime, whether your male or female, we all need a little help now and again. This could include selecting the right outfit for the type of date or choosing the perfect women's or men’s perfume to help you feel more confident. But remember less is definitely more when it comes to smelling nice, you don't want it to be overpowering for your date. Read some more helpful beauty tips for getting date ready below.

Have a relaxing bath

Apart from smelling nice with a new fragrance you want to feel clean and relaxed too, so the first step before any date is to indulge with a bath, this will help calm you if you're a bit nervous. Maybe light some candles, turn on your favourite music, and mix in some lovely bath products.
Prep your skin

It's important for both men and women to look after their skin, especially as men’s skin can be up to twice as oily as women’s. 
The first step in every skin care routine is to cleanse your complexion this is especially important for women who have probably been wearing heavy make-up all day. Next you could apply a face mask to get rid of any puffy eyes or dark circles or exfoliate your face all over with a gentle scrub this helps to get rid of dead skin cells, revealing a more youthful complexion. The final step of a date night skin care routine is making sure the skin stays shine-free with the help of a moisturiser. Your skin can never be too hydrated so this step should never be skipped. Women may like to moisturise with a scented lotion to leave their skin smelling extra beautiful. 

Shave any unwanted hair

When meeting someone for the first time whether a woman or man your appearance says a lot about the type of person you are. For women it all depends on what you wear, if it's a dress or a skirt make sure your arm pits and pins are hair free.

For men the focus is on their facial hair, a lot of women differ in what they like they may prefer clean shave or that rugged and masculine look but whatever you have it just needs to be well kept. The same goes for any nose and ear hair. If you do decide to trim your beard take your time you don't want to end up cutting yourself.
Apply make-up

Not one for the guys reading this post but for the girls. Remember don’t over-do the makeup, its all about looking naturally beautiful, so stick with a simple and flattering look such as neutral eye-shadow, subtle foundation and nude/pink lipstick. You could also add a hint of bronzer to get that healthy glow.
Style your hair

Everyone is different when it comes to the way they want to do their hair for a date, but I think women tend to stress over it more because there are so my hair styles to go for. You could throw it in a high ponytail or give yourself an extra special up do for the evening. Just make sure your hair matches the type of date you’re going on.

If you're a guy its a lot easier to style your hair with a bit of hair gel but remember too much can give men's hair a greasy look which never looks good!

Keep nails in tip top condition

Men tend to not pay too much attention to their nails, but women definitely do. Dirt and other debris can get trapped under our nails easily, so keep them neatly trimmed with a nail clipper. Women may want to clip and paint their toenails too, especially if they're wearing open toe heels.

Sparkly white teeth

Before your date, brush your teeth and use mouthwash to show off your pearly whites, especially if you are wearing bright lipstick. Consider using whitening strips if your teeth have a yellowish tinge and always have breath mints on hand or in your car.

If your date is going to involve a meal, throw some floss into your purse. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by getting food stuck in your teeth!

How do you prepare for a date?

Liz x

*This is a sponsored post with L'Occitane 

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