How Should You Go About Gifting A Distant Family Relative?

 There’s an awkward decision to make when trying to gift something to someone we barely know. For instance, perhaps your boss has been pretty great to you for your first two months on the job, and as it’s their birthday coming up, you wish to give them a card and something simple. A box of chocolates might be seen as too romantic, an engraved pen might seem way too familiar, and a gift card too informal and not well-thought-through.

Self Care Strategies You Won’t Want To Ignore

 Self-care is a luxury that is essential to everyone's well-being and should not be neglected in any circumstance. In addition to taking care of their physical bodies and bodies in general, everyone ought to prioritise looking after their mental and emotional well-being as well as their physical bodies. Despite the widespread belief to the contrary, practising self-care does not equate to being self-centred.