Guest post: Five Hipster Products All Millennials Need In Their Home

With Brighton recently being labelled the ‘Most Hipster City in The World’ and as a born and bred Brightonian (and wannabe hipster), I felt inspired to pen a piece on adding a little millennial magic to your home. So, if you are looking for ways to incorporate this trend, read on for my ideas and remember to check out Liz’s awesome guide on ways to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home for more fabulous interior design tips too!

Before we get into your most-wanted hipster items, first stop is creating the quintessential backdrop. Imagine an industrial interior with exposed brick or beams uniting two different themes for a rustic and unfinished look. Or, a very minimal interior that shouts ‘Scandi’ with clean lines, light neutral colours and little furniture. Once you have this in place, here are the five items that will have you well on your way to creating a humble-chic abode.

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Fairy Lights

Hung artfully or arranged to spell out ‘dream’ above your bed, fairy lights are perfect for setting the mood, as well as giving you an alternative way to illuminate your living space. Whether they are draped around your bedframe or over the collage of pictures on your wall, this is guaranteed to get that hipster vibe in no time.

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Travel Mementos
A large, aged map is the perfect way to fill an empty wall and, to really make it a statement piece, why not pin all the places you have been? Because it is super personalised, this is unique to you and being original is the aim of all ‘hip’ folk. Furthermore, polaroid shots or postcards from every visited destination make for a brilliant work of art that evokes cherished memories. Faded, aged and vintage looking
photo collages are a must in hipster homes! 

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Wall Hangings
Something I have been noticing a lot on Pinterest, is the rise of what I like to call ‘wall carpets’, but I believe the technical term is wall tapestry. Incorporating earthy tones and symmetrical patterns, these fabrics when hung on walls work to create a very bohemian and homely feature. These are also perfect if you are looking to sell or attract new tenants to make your home look more interesting without making any permanent changes to the property. Furthermore, if you are a tenant wanting to change up your interior, wall carpet hangings provide fab way to switch it up without breaching your contract.

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Vintage Gems

Moving away from casual coffee table reads, bookshelves full to the brim with travel guides and thought-provoking tomes are usually prevalent in hipster homes. Ideally, you’ll want your shelves to break the mould with quirky angles and mismatched slots. Finish these with vintage and aged books to make for a wonderfully unique display on any bookshelf. Remember, if you’re trying to attract the millennial crowd without breaking the bank, home staging services can provide stylised furniture to kit out your property without having to invest in statement pieces.

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Ironic Appliances

From tongue-in-cheek quotes to sarcastic bathroom books, no hipster home would be complete without a touch of the ironic. Being hipster is about having something before it was cool, so avoid any nods toward the mainstream. Instead get rid of your perfectly working Nescafe machine and replace it with a 1950’s filter that makes questionable coffee and start asking people if they want a cup of joe. You never know, it might become a thing again and you’ll be a true trendsetter – the hipster’s secret dream.

Armed with your list of these five items and a little more insight into the hipster mindset you should be well on the way to creating a stylish yet relaxed interior that shrieks millennial chic. Remember to keep it quirky, have a sense of humour and choose vintage and I have every faith your home will be the envy of every millennial visitor. 

Don’t forget to let me know your hipster decor tips in the comments! 

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