Review: Custom iPhone Case with CaseApp

A few weeks ago got in touch asking if I wanted to review any of their custom mobile phone cases, iPad or laptop skins. Having wanted a new iPhone case for ages I jumped at the opportunity, especially because I could make it unique and personal to me! CaseApp is also rather affordable their custom phone cases start at £19 for a glossy or matte case and £22 for an extra tough case if you plan on dropping your phone all the time like I usually do. The skins are much cheaper starting at £12 because it's simply an adhesive sticker. Standard delivery starts at £2.

What Do Accessories Really Add To An Outfit?

When you're having one of those days where it seems like you have nothing to wear and being fashionable is a daily challenge, but if you don't think outside the box or step put of your usual capsule style you may miss out on that selfie worthy outfit and of course if you look good, you feel good! There are plenty of ways you can update your outfit, you could put a bralette under a kimono, pair denim on denim or simply add various accessories such as a belt, scarf, jewellery, sunglasses etc. But how can accessories make such a difference?

Four Ways to Change Your Life & Take Charge of Your Future

We can't predict the future, but the decisions we make now can go a long way towards helping shape our future. It’s vital to think about what you want out of life and to be proactive about going out there and getting it. You can make decisions now that will help you take charge of your life, and every day you will be hopefully working toward a brighter future for yourself. 

 The years go by so fast these days I still can't get my head around that I am now 26 years old! But take it from me it's best to take advantage of opportunities while you’re still young especially when it comes to your personal and work life. There are so many great ways to change your life and shape your future, and the more you can focus on this now, the better it will work out in the long run. 

7 Day Style Challenge with Cybele

If you've been following me on social media this month you would of seen me taking part in my first ever blogger challenge and posting about fabulous lounge wear from UK lingerie brand Cybele who is the younger brand of Naturana. I was set a 7 day challenge along with three other fashion bloggers to style their lounge wear as day wear and prove that it can be done!

Foolproof Gifts That Work Every Time

To some people, picking a gift can be incredibly difficult, especially if you have known the person a long time. To others, it can come naturally. Whether you’re someone that always picks the perfect gift the first time or someone that always resorts to gift cards and socks, I've put together a couple of foolproof gift ideas that are guaranteed to work every time whether you're planning on buying gifts for fathers days, birthdays or even wedding gifts.

Ideas For A Luxury Weekend Away

Sometimes you need a break from the busyness of life, and a weekend away could definitely on the cards. Choosing where to go however, can be a task in itself because you have so many factors to think of like time that you will be travelling, the cost, and how easy the whole process is to arrange. There are so many beautiful places around the world that it can be mind boggling to try and choose where to go next, so here are some ideas for you to take a look at for a luxury weekend away.

Riga, Latvia Travel Guide

Riga, Latvia is probably not on the top of your travel bucket list and neither was it for me but this could all be about to change. The main reason I booked Riga was because my birthday fell on the Easter bank holiday meaning I was looking for somewhere new and exciting to travel too. I always like to use the "everywhere" feature on skyscanner and on this occasion I came across cheap flights (£60) to Riga in Latvia with Ryanair. After a quick google I decided Riga looked really lovely and booked straight away. None of my friends or family had visited before so I really didn't know what to expect and after reading other travel bloggers posts I really got the feeling Riga which is one of three Baltic capital cities along with Vilnius and Tallinn was an underrated, less touristy destination, making me even more excited to go and explore!

Top 5 Summer Short Haul Holiday Destinations

With Summer just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the weather getting warmer; which means that it's time to start making plans for your next holiday full of sunshine, sandy beaches and maybe a cocktail or two! From Holiday Gems you can find many short haul holiday destinations to choose from that are just a 2-4 hour flight away meaning you can splash out on a seven-day break or even a long weekend.

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

If you ask me, the bedroom should always be the most important room in the home. It’s the place where you go to when you want to wind down and relax, but that can be a little bit harder to do that when you have a bedroom that’s not quite fit for purpose. There’s always more you can do to improve the quality, aesthetic and functionality of your bedroom, and just simply make it more exciting!

Beautiful Bathroom Designs

The bathroom is one of two places for people. It’s either somewhere that is rushed about in the morning because alarms were ignored, and all of the sudden there’s only ten minutes to get ready for work. Or, it’s a place of total relaxation at the end of a busy day. Whatever it may be to you, if you're planning a bathroom renovation there's no reason why you shouldn’t be searching for some beautiful bathroom designs and go all out. You may only redesign it once after all.

Photo by RW Studios on Unsplash