Tips for Preparing for your Summer Holiday

Now the kids are breaking up from school for the summer holidays, the majority of us are going to be jetting off somewhere hot (5 weeks and counting for me). But before you go on holiday you should always prepare a beach vacation packing list so you don't forget anything. Whether you're a couple or a family going on a short or long stay beach holiday you're bound to forget something, you're only human after all. Luckily for you I have prepared lots of travel tips to help you stay organised.

Purchase travel insurance

It's super important to be covered when your going on holiday for not only your peace of mind but having travel insurance will protect you against a variety of potential things that could go wrong and threaten to ruin your holiday such as lost or stolen baggage or personal belongings, delayed or cancelled flights and medical charges if you became ill. There are plenty of companies like Bupa Global who offer a range of insurance policies including single or annual trips around the world. To get a travel insurance quote from Bupa for your next holiday head to their website

You should also make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) this will ensure that if you got ill whilst on holiday, you would be entitled to either free or subsidised health care.

Check your travel documents and currency

One of the most important points on your holiday checklist should be your travel documents such as your passport and tickets/booking confirmations for flights, accommodation and/or car hire. Make sure everything is printed or on your emails so you can show at the airport. It’s also helpful to take a list of useful numbers, for example emergency contact details if your mobile phone or bank cards were lost or stolen.

Another tip is to check your passport has enough time left on it (some countries that require your passport to be valid for a particular period from your date of arrival) and put it somewhere safe like a travel wallet in your bag. Losing your passport right before your holiday is potentially the most stressful thing that can happen.

Also make sure to get your currency back in the UK or top up a travel card like Revolut via the secure mobile app both ways will be a lot cheaper than getting your currency when you’re abroad.

Stock up on holiday essentials 

If you've travelled lots before you will know by now that if taking hand luggage only your travel sized toiletries should be under 100ml and they must be in a clear bag for security checks. Other holiday essentials you should pack include:

Mobile phone charger and headphones

Camera to record those holiday moments
Travel adaptors
Reading material
Beach bag 
Sun cream with SPF

Luggage size and holiday packing list

Whether you're packing for a short or long trip you're most likely to take too many summer holiday clothes or shoes especially if you have over 20kg of luggage. But you don't want to be in that situation at the airport where there is a long queue and your sorting out your case in front of everyone or having to pay extra. So remember to weigh your case before you leave for the airport. 

Other ways you can pack your suitcase lightly is to plan what you're going to wear travelling if it's not warm in the UK when you leave try to wear your heaviest clothing, such as trousers or a jacket to keep you warmer on cooler evenings. Also you will will probably find that towels and a hairdryer will be at your accommodation. 

On the other hand if you have a limited amount of travel luggage then this is where compromises have to be made. My packing tips include investing in a lightweight suitcase or bag meaning you can afford to pack a little bit more and don’t pack anything that you can buy in the destination you are travelling too. Remember to always roll your clothes, don’t fold. Not only does it save space, but it avoids creases too. Tuck underwear into the gaps and place rolled up socks inside your shoes.

Make your home secure

Before you leave for the airport you want to make sure your home is secure do this by double checking doors are locked and windows shut. If you have a house alarm test that this is working. If you're away for a while you might want to ask a family member or a trusted neighbour to regularly check on the house and take in your mail.

If someone was to break-in whilst you were on holiday without properly securing your home, your insurance could be invalid. So make sure you take the time to do all the checks.

Airport parking and holiday transport

Parking at the airport can become expensive if you don't book in advance. You could also be late or miss your flight if you have to drive around finding somewhere suitable to park your car. If you’re not driving yourself to the airport make sure you get someone reliable to take you and if relying on public transport choose a suitable time that will give you enough time to get through check in and security.

When you arrive at your holiday destination and return to the UK you will need some sort of transport such as a private transfer or if you have booked a package holiday this may be included. Just check the small print as you could end up waiting for ages in a coach and missing out on valuable holiday time.

How do you prepare for your holiday?

Liz x

*This post is in collaboration with Bupa Global


  1. Love this handy checklist! I’m a big believer in packing lists too and I always make sure I have my travel insurance sorted out! :)

  2. Such good tips! I'm super unorganised so these will be so useful next time I go away!
    Love your pictures too :)
    Christy xx

  3. Good suggestions!