Guest Post - Bali and Beyond: The Most Fantastic Things to Do and See in Indonesia

If you are considering Indonesia to be your next holiday destination, you should know some general information about the region. Indonesia can be very exciting and full of surprises if you know where to seek them, you don't want to leave Bali feeling disappointed due to crowds, pollution and fallen expectations. You can find what you are looking for everywhere if you know where to look and where to go next. Here is some useful information from guest blogger Victoria Lim about taking a vacation in Indonesia, and the most beautiful places to see whilst you are there.

Planning your trip
Indonesia has a very constant flow of temperature changes. It is warm most of the year, and the seasons are divided not by temperature but by quantity of precipitation. So there is a
rainy season in Bali and not so rainy season. Obviously, the rainy season is less popular, so if you want to spare some money this is the time to go.
Transportation has a broad spectrum of options. There are buses at a different price. The more expensive ones are very decent, with air condition and reclining seats. You can get a taxi very easily on every corner, as well as a motorbike taxi. Feel invited to negotiate for the price, since this is what the drivers expect. Traffic can get so jammed sometimes that walking is the faster option. 


When in Bali, let their rich culture and history overflow you completely. Among the things you should see are definitely Bali’s numerous temples, of which Tanah Lot is the most iconic one. This temple is located on a huge rock climbing from the ocean, with waves constantly crashing onto its base. The story says that Tanah Lot is a home to the guardian spirits of the sea. 

Another temple built on a cliff and looking at the sea is Uluwatu temple. This temple borders the sea from one side and a monkey forest from the other. It is relatively close to an open amphitheatre where you can see sunset Kecak fire dances as one more plus for visiting this temple. 

Other than scenic built temples and incredible view at the sea, you can enjoy Bali Safari as well. Bali Safari and Marine Park is Bali's largest animal theme park, hosting over 60 species of animals. Here you can see the animals in their natural habitat, roaming freely through nature. You can also visit a nearby aquarium holding exotic fish species. 


Ubud is known for its scenic fields of rice. Taking a walking tour through these fields is an adventure you don't want to miss. The most popular of Ubud walks doesn't have a name so people call it The Café
Ubud Rice Fields Walk, due to all the café options along the route. The rice field can be seen on both sides of the road, and it is common to see the farmers attending to their crop. The path doesn't seem to end, but luckily there are plenty of coffee shops where you can rest with a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful view. 

Another famous feature of Ubud is certainly Ubud Monkey Forest. Also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest, it lies within the village Padangtegal. The people of the village see this Monkey Forest as an important spiritual, economic, educational and conservational centre for them. A 700 monkeys, you can also see around 200 species of trees abundant with fresh air. 

Goa Gajah, meaning ‘Elephant Cave' is an archaeological site of great historical value, which makes it another great place to visit. It is located six kilometres out of central Ubud, on the edge of  Bedulu Village. It takes less than an hour to get there. Once you see the rock-wall carvings and relic-filled courtyard, bathing pools and fountains, it will be worth the trip. There is the central meditation cave, for all of those who have come to find the piece.

Depending on your budget, Bali varies in the offer of hotels and accommodations. There is something for everyone's pocket, from cheap hotels where you can spend the night for less than $30, to luxurious villas, such as beachfront villas in Legian, you and your family can enjoy peacefully. 

While Bali itself has a lot to offer, don't limit yourself only to its borders. Visiting nearby islands can be easy and it is certainly worth the effort of taking the trip. Here are some suggestions on what to visit when in Bali, other than Bali. 

Komodo island

As you can anticipate from its name, Komodo island, located west of Bali, is a home to many Komodo dragons, the world's largest lizards. Majority of the island is part of the Komodo National Park including islands Rinca and Padar. Other than seeing these great giant animals in their natural habitat, you can go scuba diving too.


Positioned west of the Bali, the large island called Java is a home to major cities like Jakarta. Java is a home to rich history and heritage of Indonesia. Exploring ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples like Borobudur, or taking a tour of amazing structures like the Sultan's Palace are just some of the ideas. Other than temples, Java has a lot of beaches, volcanos and other natural remedies to offer. 

Gili Air

Gilli Air is one of the famous Gili Islands, and it is most famous for outdoor activities. Scuba diving, snorkelling and freediving are very popular sports on this coast, and rich underwater life including coral reefs make it even more worth seeing. This island is known for its authentic cuisine where fresh grilled seafood dominates, while nightlife is minimal and relaxing. 

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the largest island of Nusa Islands. You can reach Nusa Penida by daily ferries and private speedboats. Beaches here are secluded and less touristy if that is what you are looking for. Crystal Bay suits it's named perfectly, with clear water and white sand, which make it perfect for snorkelling. You can also pay a walk to the limestone caves of Goa Giri Putri or go birdwatching in the Tembeling Forest. Along with the snorkelling, scuba diving is very popular on this island. 


East of the Bali, there is a large island Lombok, with the most diversity among islands. On the south of this island, surfers have their piece of heaven on the beach town of Kuta. In North Lombok, there is a Mount Rinjani, perfect for hiking and admiring many waterfalls. For more urban atmosphere, visit Mataram, the island's largest city. 

This is just a small selection of fabulous Indonesian islands you can visit. Depending on your budget and preferences, there are many more options to explore. There are many sides to every vacation. You can soothe your adventurous side and your solitary side all at once on these diverse islands.

Have you ever been to Indonesia?

*Guest post written by Victoria Lim

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