The First Things To Buy For A New Home

It is such an exciting time when you move into a new home. It doesn’t matter if it is your first move, or you’ve moved a couple of times before, when you get into a new home, you just can’t help but feel that buzz of excitement. It’s the same as when you get a new car, or a new phone. 

It’s just nice to have something new, or you may be even moving into a house lived in before so you’re most likely going to be even more desperate to put your own stamp on it, but that’s easily done. You’re just going to have so much more fun decorating the home, making it your own, and finally having something that you feel you can settle into. Below are some ideas on what you could potentially change or add first, just so you can make it your own that little bit quicker. So keep on reading, and see if any of these are what your new home needs!

The Ultimate Festival Packing List

With summer comes the best music festivals and this year I'm lucky enough to have got a ticket to the best festival in the world - GLASTONBURY. I couldn't be more excited with less than a few days to go but there is so much to think about including what to pack. If you want to make it through the long fun filled weekend, and really enjoy the festival experience, there are some festival essentials you absolutely can’t go without. As I say it’s always better to be over-prepared than without something you really need. 

How Do You Develop Your Personal Style?

You may have looked at pictures of effortlessly stylish stars on the red carpet, posing at a premiere or even caught candidly by paparazzi boarding a flight or entering into an exclusive restaurant and wondered how exactly they do it. How do they look so instantly recognisable and utterly stylish? The answer lies in the fact that very chic women have put effort into evolving their personal style, and the result is that they look incredible, even off-duty. 

But you may think this is impossible to achieve unless you have a limitless budget, couture designers falling over themselves to dress you and an army of stylists at your disposal, right? Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong if you follow the below style tips.

Snack Alternative to Crisps: Introducing Cheesies

Crisps are one of my favourite snacks especially when I'm at work craving a quick snack and I am not the only one, they are eaten by 93% of UK adults in fact. But are they healthy? The answer is no and for that reason I have cut my crisp intake in the past year. Take ready salted crisps for example they contain 171 calories per packet and nearly 11 grams of fat! 

However I have a snack alternative that I have recently been introduced too and the cheese lover within me is very excited because they are delicious crunchy popped balls of cheese called Cheesies! Which means you can satisfy those cheese and snack cravings at the same time but not feel as guilty! Because they have way less calories!

Josh Wood Hair Products Review

Josh Wood is a new hair brand on my radar created by the renowned British hairdresser and colourist Josh Wood whose clients include Elle Macpherson, Laura Bailey, Kylie Minogue, Mick Jagger, David Bowie plus many more. But not complete with just this, he is reinventing home hair colour as we know it. By creating a whole line of hair products for you to use at home which I have kindly been gifted to try and review.

The King's Head, Wellesbourne Review

Wellesbourne is a large village in Warwickshire that is around 15 minutes from where I live so when The King's Head asked me to review their new refurb and menu I couldn't resist. And having visited a few Vintage Inn pubs before, (186 country pubs dotted across the UK)  I had a feeling the food and service was going to be great and I wasn't wrong.

When having a sneak peek at the menu before we arrived I didn't realise how much history came with The King's Head, Wellesbourne. Originally known as The Wellsbourne Inn in the 1600s, the King's Head was used as a hospital during the English Civil War. During the Second World War, they hosted the RAF pilots and ground crews from near by Wellesbourne airfield.