6 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy Without Constant Upkeep

Keeping your house neat is a challenging task. After all, being constantly busy with work or other extracurricular activities leaves little time for tidying up. Fortunately, keeping your home tidy doesn’t require constant maintenance, and keeping your place clean should be an occasional activity rather than a continual hassle. Here are some helpful tips to keep your house free of clutter and dirt without constantly maintaining it.

Christmas Fashion Essentials You Can't Live Without

It’s that time of year again! 

Christmas is approaching at a rapid speed, making you wonder whaon earth Santa has fed the reindeer this year. It is less than two months away and all the shops are starting to stock their Christmas items. If you haven’t already bought some mince pies, you’re missing out. 

There’s so much to enjoy about Christmas, but one thing I like the most is Christmas fashion. It’s a time to feel festive and have a bit of fun, so here are my Christmas fashion essentials you can’t live without - be warned, some are practical and some are just plain adorable! 

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