Why Jewellery Should Be Your Number One Accessory

Ask a dozen different people what’s the most important element of their wardrobe? And you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. Some people will argue, that it’s their shoe collection that is their favourite. Others will tell you that it’s that one dress, which they have five carbon-copies of, that defines their fashion sense and their ability to express their true self through what they wear.

Everyone has different pieces of fashion trends that they gravitate to more strongly, and everyone has a favourite outfit or accessory. But, be that as it may, there are some really good reasons to focus on your jewellery collection, from silver nose studs to chunky steel bracelets. Here are some reasons why jewellery should take the number one spot.

With jewellery you can completely change the entire vibe of your outfit with hardly any effort

Putting together a whole outfit isn’t always quick and easy. You’ve got to spend a while deciding exactly what kind of look you want to go for that day, and then matching the right clothes together, with the right shoes, and judging the result against the way you feel like wearing your hair and doing your makeup, in order to see if it all works.

Jewellery is nowhere near as complicated. You can put jewellery on or take it off at the drop of a hat, and no matter what else you’re wearing, the jewellery you wear can completely change the entire vibe of your outfit almost immediately, and almost without any effort.

Jewellery can allow you to add a hint of personality to more formal outfits

If you’re wearing an elegant evening dress, you may look formal and ready for a ball. Add in a chain cartilage piercing, however, and the whole look takes on a more edgy angle. Even if you’re not going for the “punk girl” look, jewellery still allows you to let hints of your personality shine through when you’re wearing more formal outfits, and are attending more formal events or occasions.

If, for example, you’re at work, you could still wear an amber locket that means something significant to you, or a pair of earrings shaped like your favourite animal. Whatever style gels with your personality, jewellery lets you show glimpses of that no matter how formal your outfit may be.
Jewellery is easy to transport anywhere

There’s a good chance that you know what it’s like to go away on holiday and have no idea what outfits to pack for the trip. Off the top of your head you can think of about a dozen dresses and five pairs of shoes that you’d like to take with you, to strut your stuff in the sun, but baggage weight limits can restrict you.

Jewellery is light, small, and easy to transport. You can take virtually as much of it as you want with you on your travels, and can customise your looks just about endlessly, wherever you are.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post

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