Three Tips to Making Your Diet Healthier

Adopting a healthy eating plan is always a mixed experience. While you have the optimism of waiting to see the results of your efforts, there is always going to be some sense of loss at the things you have to cut out of your diet. This means that you’re going to have to have something more than optimism in your corner for those times - which will inevitably come - when you start to have doubts about the overall effectiveness of your plan.

So much of dieting is essentially one long negotiation with yourself. If you cut out carbs, you can enjoy that week-long beach holiday. If you eat sensibly for a month, you can treat yourself on your birthday. If you lose x amount of weight within six weeks, then you can reintroduce some of the foods that have been declared out of bounds in those six weeks. In short, if you want a diet to work out, you need to stack those negotiations so that the “sensible” you always has the upper hand.