Guest Post: Chic Ways to Dress Up a White Tee

In the vast universe of clothing garments, there are T-shirts, and then there are white T-shirts, which are a completely separate entity, even though they officially belong to this ‘casual garment’ family. If there were a casual clothing hall of fame, the white tee would be displayed there, right next to that perfect pair of jeans, a timeless trench coat and the iconic motto leather jacket. Yes, a white tee has a very special place in fashion and should hence have a very special place in your wardrobe. Why? The reasons are quite palpable. The mighty white tee has the ability to complete every outfit without being intrusive but still help the outfit pop. The right cut and neckline flatters every body type, and the crisp whiteness exudes that polish, clean and sleek vibe despite the fact that, on its own, a white tee seems plain and regular. 

 However, that’s where its charm lies – in its ability to blend and pop, be dressed up or down and be your savoir on many an occasion. Now that you know just how vital it is for you to own at least one white simple tee that compliments your figure perfectly, let’s play dress up and discover all the chic outfits you can use – all revolving around the tee.
The big comeback combo 

During the ‘90s, one of the ‘it’ summer and even spring looks was the one consisting of a slip or strappy dress worn with a fitted white tee underneath. Now, as we all know, in fashion what goes around comes around, and this look has made a tremendous comeback. Sure, you can wear your slip dress without any additions, but if you want to make your outfit just a tad more interesting and layered, the white tee will be waiting for you eagerly. You can follow the spirit of athleisure and pair it with tennis shoes or even dad sneakers, or glam it up with a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals and a geometric patterned clutch.

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The Cult Classic

When it comes to casual chic, nothing beats that jean and white tee combo. After all, Lana Del Rey didn’t sing about the blue jeans and white shirt for nothing – these two really do make a combo that will make you look ‘fresh to death’. Now, how does one go about mixing these two together without looking plain? Well, the first thing you’ll require is that perfect pair of women’s jeans – the still popular skinny ones.

 For summer, go for the pale-wash kind – as it reminds of pastel breeziness. Pick a slightly oversized tee and tuck in the front and leave back loose. If you opt for a V-neck, which looks great on everyone, style it up with three trendy subtle necklaces of different lengths that mesh perfectly together. Add a nude tote bag with a ring handle into the mix and instead of a belt – which everyone seems to be wearing these days - go for a gold-patterned scarf and tie it around your waist. White open-toed mules are the cherry on the chic sundae, and you are ready to go.

source / source 70s Chic OK ladies, for this traffic-stopping look you’ll need a crew neck fitted white tee and either a pair of really cool high-rise flare jeans or wide-leg trousers (but flare jeans are better). Tuck the shirt in, put on a pair of statement earrings – gold hoops will be pure perfection. Then, take a silk or satin scarf – make sure it’s longer because you want it to hang in the back - and create a headband; you want to channel your inner Bridgette Bardot. Leave a few strands in an intentional disarray, just like her. Seal the deal with platform wedges in an earthy tone and complete the look with something in a poignant hue, such as this gorgeous and trendy net bag. Of course, don’t forget your retro square-framed sunglasses – they are a seventies staple after all.

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Corporate Chic

If you thought you can’t get away with a white tee at work, you are sorely mistaken. This is the era of the power suit, so whether you prefer the ones in prime colours or gentler pastel ones is irrelevant because a white tee goes amazingly well with the power suit. It adds a touch of office-acceptable nonchalance, so you don’t feel overly corporate-looking, while still maintaining a chic and professional vibe thanks to its crisp whiteness. Nude patent leather pumps and a handbag to match, red lips and a touch of mascara, and you will be the talk of the office – in a good way, of course.

Romantic Chic

Pleated skirts are still going strong, especially metallic ones. As they are quite ‘loud’ and make for quite the statement, a white tee is there to create that perfect balance so you don’t look overdressed or like you’re trying too hard. A micro bag is the perfect accessory, and as far as footwear goes, simple and neutral flat sandals or even ballerina flats will give you exactly the look you were going for – effortless romantic chic. Whether you’re just taking an afternoon stroll or going on your first date, this look will leave just the right impression, that being that you have style, but you don’t work hard to get there.

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All content written by guest blogger Sophia Smith from High Style Life

What's your favourite way to dress up a white tee?

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