Lovely in Lilac

Apologies for the lack of posts lately but since coming back off holiday we've been moving into our new apartment so it has been crazy with making furniture and putting my interior design skills to the test *watch this space* but the worst thing is we have no WIFI until June sob. But I finally have a plain white wall and wooden floors to take photos for the blog and Instagram. All a blogging girl needs right?
However busy I am there's still time for shopping, so when I spotted this pretty floral shirt in ASDA for £6 I had to have it, the lovely lilac & peach hues drew me in.

The perfect compliment was my H&M washed lilac jeans that have just sat waiting to be worn in my wardrobe. Did I mention my wardrobe is twice as big now too which means I can buy even more clothes...

Flip Flops - Primark £2.50
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Liz xx