Popaball Pineapple Bursting Bubbles Review

Pineapple is a healthy tropical fruit that originated in South America. Although many people prefer pineapple in juice form, or fresh you can now also get them in fruity bubbles (popping boba) for use in alcohol, yoghurt, ice cream and cold drinks. Created by Popaball a Newcastle based company, Popaballs are now all the rage and I couldn't wait to try the limited edition pineapple bursting bubbles (£3.45) for myself!

My Popaball Review

 The Pineapple Popaball I was gifted, comes in a funky bright yellow 125g pack which includes lots of information on what they are and how to use them plus a recipe too! It also tells you that they are made from seaweed extract and pineapple juice which means they are suitable for vegans and coeliacs!

Once I added the popaballs to my various drink recipes (see below) I watched as they hit the bottom of my glass and without mixing I got my straw (included in the box) and sucked up the popaballs. Once bitten, they pop in your mouth with a pineapple flavour which tasted delicious! If you're not a fan of pineapple there are over 20 other popaball flavours you can try.

I would highly recommend the popaballs if you're looking to try something unique and the great thing is they can be enjoyed by anyone even if you don't drink alcohol. I think they would make the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas which isn't that long away!

Popaball Pineapple recipes you can try at home
The Pineapple Popaball gave me the chance to create lots of drinks at home and you can pretty much add to any drink you like to experience an unexpected burst of pineapple flavour. For today's blog I decided to make my favourite cocktail Pina Colada then I also mixed the fruity balls with prosecco, orange juice and lemonade.

Pineapple Popaball with Lemonade 

Add lemonade to glass
Mix in a few popaballs 
Add ice and serve with straw

Pineapple Popaball with Prosecco recipe
Add prosecco to glass

Mix in a few popaballs
Serve with straw

Orange Juice and Pineapple Popaball recipe
Add orange juice to glass

Mix in a few popaballs 
Serve with straw

Pina Colada - Rum, Pineapple Popaball and Coconut Cream Recipe

Add rum and coconut cream to cocktail maker
Shake to mix then pour into glass
Mix in a few popaballs
Serve with straw

What is your favourite pineapple drink?

Liz x

*This is a collaboration with Popaball.

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  1. These sound so delicious, I've always wanted to try making fruit bubble tea and adore pineapple :D I didn't know you could buy something like this! Definitely got to try the recipe xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)