Teagime Review

When you work in an office all day you start to really enjoy cups of tea they get you through the day and keep you warm especially in this cold winter. I used to think drinking tea without milk was strange but after trying lots of loose leaf teas I have been swayed. I recently discovered Teagime (stands for tea regime) on twitter and think its such as great idea as its based all about your needs and tastes plus I wanted to perk myself up a bit! 

How does Teagime work? 

Teagime is a 14 day teatox programme which is unique to each person. First you sign up on the website and answer some questions about yourself including flavours you dont like which is great! Then based on that information they craft the perfect tea that will support detoxing, boost your metabolism, increase energy levels and beat cravings which is definitely what I need I am always in the fridge!

What you get inside the box?

You will receive a welcome booklet, an exclusive Teagime tea infuser, an ingredient information sheet, and three blends of loose leaf tea morning, afternoon and evening that are created just for you. Even if you have allergies you can have this tea because none of them contain wheat, barley, rye, oats or nuts. Mine came with the following tea blends:

Morning - Blessed by Diana 

A blend of blueberries, nettle and lemon balm which are said to stimulate memory and fight stress. My morning routine is very rushed getting up at 6.30, showered, make up on then on the bus to work so I never make time for myself so drinking this each morning means doing this and I feel like I can finally relax. I could really taste the lemon coming through with this blend.

Afternoon - Cocoa Cheer

A combination of cocoa shells and oriental beauty tea help to recharge you for the afternoon. This was by far my favourite tea with its cocoa flavour and I felt alert and ready for the next few hours of work.

Evening - Strawberry Kiss

Strawberries, rooibos (herb grown on a plant from South Africa) and vanilla are combined to bring you a tea that helps to reduce hunger pangs and relieve stress. When drinking this you can definitely taste the strawberry it is really delicious and I felt ready for a good nights sleep.

How much? 

A standard 14 day Teagime costs £29.99 which sounds a lot but its tea that is made especially for you, tastes great, reminds you to drink more and it's so convenient because its delivered straight to your door.

If you know someone that loves tea this could also make a great Christmas gift for them. Try Teagime for yourself here.

*The tea has been gifted but all views are my own

What's your favourite tea?

Liz x

Black Friday Fashion Deals

Black Friday has finally arrived but this year has been very different because offers have been flying into my inbox all week not just today and I am hoping they will only get better! If you want to buy Christmas presents now is the time I bring you the best deals to shop online for fashion.

If you would rather shop instore and experience the madness that is black friday my tips would be head there early, make a list of what you want to buy and take lots of bags because they are not free anymore!

Dorothy Perkins up to 50% off

This offer started on Wednesday 23rd November and will be for a limited time only. Whenever I go in store I can never find any of the amazing items they do online, they have some great blouses and shirts for daywear or work. I have already ordered the western shirt so keep an eye on my instagram for it.

Embroidered Western Shirt £12
Denim Shirt Dress £16
Navy Lace Victorian Top £9

Fiorelli up to 40% off 

Fiorelli is one of my favourite handbag brands there so sophisticated and chic I have never seen them do an offer like this before so get it while you can. 

Sloane Shoulder Bag £29.40
Grace Grey Croc Bag £25
Mia Leopard Bag £39

La Redoute 40% off with code blackfriday

La Redoute do lots of offers throughout the year thats why I love them so much plus the quality is amazing. I have bought the dress below for work to wear with tights and ankle boots.

Camel Faux Leather Pencil Skirt £14.40
Vero Moda Scissor Dress £17.40
Black Clutch Bag £11.40

Debenhams up to 50% off

Because Debenhams stock lots of brands including designer and high street such as dorothy perkins you are guaranteed to find a bargain. The red dress is perfect for Christmas soirees. 

Red lace dress £16.80
Wild Child Clutch £14
Suede Block Heel Boots £23.99

Glamourous 40% off

You can get an amazing 40% off with code BF40 at Glamorous, one of my go to websites for cute dresses and partywear.

Khaki Floral Tea Dress £16.40
Striped Shirt £16.80
Silver Plisse Skirt £12

Little Mistress 50% off 

With code XMAS50 you can get a whopping 50% off. If you have a party or even wedding coming up Little Mistress is the go to shop their dresses are stunning! 

Navy Sheepskin Puffer Coat £20
Cobalt Bodycon Dress £19
Metallic Jacquard Midi Skirt £17.50

*Prices may change after I publish this post

Which is your favourite bargain?

Liz x

My Favourite Fall Look

For fall you can never go wrong with a jumper and jeans they are both comfy, casual but still fashionable especially when you combine the colour of the season - CAMEL. I absolutely love this shade it's so warm for fall and as you can see from my outfit I have mixed it with different colours and prints - brown, tan, checks and blue denim.

I am calling this outfit my favourite not just because the photos have a stunning fall backdrop but because this is an outfit that sums up my street style especially at weekends I always rely on my trusty denim and jumpers to get me through the autumn chill.

The jumper I am wearing is actually not from the high street which is unusual for me as I do love my bargains. I purchased the jumper when I went to Bicester Village because they were doing an extra 20% off so the first shop that sprung to mind was Ralph Lauren as I love their clothing! Preppy and casual. I picked up this camel cable knit jumper for just £31 which is more than half the RRP!

Another newbie to my overflowing wardrobe is this Miss Selfridge Raw Edge Fedora Hat which was a high street bargain at just £5. I do tend to have a love/hate relationship with hats as until you try them on you never know if they will suit you but I really love this one with its chain detailing.

miss selfridge fedora hat

miss selfridge

h&m fringe bag

ralph lauren jumper

ralph lauren jumper

ralph lauren jumper

h&m jacket

h&m brown boots

The final touches to this outfit which cost me under £100 may I add, includes my favourite warehouse jeans and then everything else is by another high street favourite of mine H&M - the brown over the knee boots that have lasted me over 2 years, a navy jacket (£15) which goes with everything, a check scarf with a lovely colour palette and a cute fringe bag.

*Photography by Hannah Sorrell 

What do you think of my fall look?

Liz x

The XTREME Workout DVD Review

It's that time of year again when we load up on the carbs and start the winter bulk in time for Christmas but for some people they still want to get fit before Christmas, not just when everyone else is hashtagging #newyear #newme...
If you don't want to leave your home then I have the answer a FITNESS DVD by Xtreme.

My fitness

Since meeting the boyfriend over 2 years ago I have really got into the gym again I did go at university and try a couple of dvds but never had the passion for fitness until now. I am determined to get a body like Michelle Keegan! At the moment I am trying out Greg O'Gallagher and Dell Farell "The Goddess Toning Program" while training at Xtreme Gym in Stratford upon Avon to get fit in time for my holiday to the Caribbean next year.

About Xtreme Gym & Boot Camps 

Xtreme gym was the first one to open in Stratford upon avon and lucky for me it's near where I live. The gym is run by Zoe Evans and James Evans, who was a recruit in the Royal Marines Reserves and is now a qualified level 5 personal trainer. The gym itself has all the equipment you could possibly need including a unique military training area and a studio for classes.

Not only do they have their own gym but they run Europe's toughest military style fitness boot camps in the Midlands. I do not have first hand experience of what the boot camps are like but if you want a new and exciting way to exercise and get fit then this is it.

The Xtreme Bootcamp DVD

This is the first dvd from Xtreme and promises serious results in a few weeks and having tried it I have to agree! I found it challenging but the more you do it the more you can achieve! James Evans talks you through each workout, motivating you and giving you tips along the way. There are a wide variety of exercises split into five sections - 20 seconds on 10 seconds off and you have to complete them twice.

1. The warm up

Before exercising it is very important you warm up your body to bring the heart rate up slowly and stretching lightly to avoid pulling any muscles when completing the rest of the dvd. James concentrates on star jumps, press ups, sit ups, arm rotations, heel raises and rotating knees. Plus to get your pulse racing there are also knee raises, jogging on the spot, squat jumps and push ups. I found the warm up very easy to follow and it definitely got me working up a sweat.

Fitness warm up

2. Legs

Training legs will get your leg muscles toned and defined but it can be one of the worst things to train if you don't do it often because you can sometimes struggle to walk the next day! James splits legs into 7 different exercises and adds in a few that I had never heard of myself:
Squat jump 
Knee raises
Squat thrust
Jumping lunges
Knee Tuck Jumps
Mountain climbers 

The ones I found the most intense were the knee tuck jumps which is to jump as high as you can and bring your knees towards your chest and then burpees which is a squat thrust ending in a standing position.

3. Upper and Lower Body Workout

All the exercises in the third part of the dvd will seriously work your arms, shoulders, abs and thighs and you will really start to feel the burn. The two exercises I had never done before were the floor scrapers which is where you move side to side and the spider man which is where you do push ups but move your knees to your elbows.

Push ups (If you can't do a full one do a half one)
V ups
Blue toes (A variation of downward facing dog - a yoga move)
Floor Scrapers 
The Plank
Spider man 

4. Finisher

To finish the workout it gets even more intense with 3 sets of one exercise and 3 of another straight after each other. These are a combination of exercises that you will have already completed in the other stages including squats and press ups.

Press ups with a jump
3 squat jumps and 3 push ups
3 sit ups & jump
3 blue toes and squat thrusts
10 second knee raises and star jumps

5. Cool down

After completing all the stages of the workout it is time to stretch which is very important as it helps your heart rate and breathing to come back to normality which aids recovery.

The dvd will be released on 28th November but you can get it for a cheaper price of £7 here if you pre order. (RRP £11.99)

*This dvd was gifted to me by Xtreme gym but all views are my own

How will you be getting fit for 2017?

Liz x

The Twiggy Dress

I have always been a fan of vintage fashion and the 1960s in particular, if I had a time machine I would love to travel back in time to that era but luckly for me there are so many brands bringing this kind of fashion back I don't have to! So when London fashion brand Trollied Dolly asked if I wanted to review one of their pieces from their collection I said yes as quick as you can say 1960s! The dress I chose is called "The Twiggy Dress" of course inspired by the 60s icon - Twiggy who made the mini and shift dress ever so popular.

The dress initially jumped out at me because of the bright red colour but if you look at the dress more closely it has such beautiful detailing including black scalloped edges and a leaf pattern. The brand who designed this retro dress Trollied Dolly don't just take their inspiration from the 60s they also design unique and fun pieces from the 50s right through to the 70s. Starting out in London’s Spitalfields Market, they have lots of other designs in their online shop all made of hand-designed fabrics. I love the fact only so many of each product are made which means you can walk down the street and hopefully not see someone in the same outfit!

When it came to styling the twiggy dress black was an obvious colour so I combined my little black fluffy scarf (TK Maxx) and ankle boots (New Look) but I had also recently purchased this navy long jacket from H&M which added sophistication to the look.

Twiggy Quote

What do you think of my look? Are you a fan of 60s fashion? 

*Photography by Hannah Sorrell 
The dress was gifted to me by trollied dolly but all views are my own

Liz x

A Local's Guide to Stratford Upon Avon

When people think of Stratford upon Avon they automatically think of Shakespeare - the English poet and playwright but I think of it as my home for just over 3 years. Since moving to this beautiful part of Warwickshire I have truly fell in love with the place and the people. In the Summer the town really comes alive with river and food festivals and even with the scores of tourists lining the streets outside Shakespeare's house there is still a lovely atmosphere. Everyone I meet always says how lucky I am to live in Stratford Upon Avon so I want to share with you the lovely places I like to go to and interesting facts you may not know.

stratford upon avon

Facts about Stratford upon Avon

  1. The Dirty Duck pub is very close to the RSC and celebrities performing there have carved their name into the tables.
  2. Dating back to the 1400s, the Garrick Inn is the oldest pub in Stratford.
  3. Stratford was given lamp posts by councils from across the world and these are scattered around town - a fun treasure hunt for kids.
  4. Since 1926 British bike manufacture Pashley cycles has been making beautiful bikes in Stratford upon Avon.
  5. Built in 1932, The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is 84 years old this year.
  6. David Bradley who plays Filch in Harry Potter and Walder Frey in Game Of Thrones lives here.
  7. The oldest house in Stratford is a 15th century, Grade II Listed building called Masons court.
  8. Stratford upon Avon is getting its own Monopoly board which will feature around thirty landmarks.
  9. An archaeological investigation of Shakespeare's grave at Holy Trinity church was completed this year and they discovered his skull may be missing.
  10. At 120km, the River Avon is the UK’s 19th longest river.
the garrick inn

(The Garrick Inn)

Restaurants in Stratford upon Avon

The one thing Stratford is not short of is places to eat and drink which is great for me as I am a real foodie. Unfortunately my bank balance hasn't given me the option to try every restaurant in town but I have tried quite a few including the best Thai food I have ever had at The Giggling Squid, British indoor and outdoor dining at Cox's Yard which backs onto the River Avon, Greek food at El Greco and Italian food at Il Miro. Other restaurants that I am still eager to try is a new Thai Restaurant Sabai Sabai and 33 The Scullery which both have great reviews on Tripadvisor.

Cafe's in Stratford upon Avon

When it comes to coffee my boyfriend is a connoisseur so when we first met he took me to one of his favourite coffee shops in town Box Brownie on Henley Street and I could see why. Inside it is so quaint, the staff are super welcoming and did I mention they offer award winning coffee?! Yes my lovely friends at Monsoon Estates were awarded 3 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards for their Espresso Blend and they were also listed in the Top 50 Food List.

monsoon estates

Another new café in Stratford also stocking Monsoon Estates coffee along with yummy bread and cakes is Bouche Bakehouse on Sheep Street. Just look at them scones and brownies - I had to control myself when taking these pictures...

Independent gelato kitchen Hoorays popular with kids and ADULTS is a great addition to Stratford upon Avon, they make all their gelato and sorbets onsite along with hot crepes and waffles I have to say it's calorific!


Shops in Stratford upon Avon

One of my other favourite pastimes is shopping, along with the usual high street shops Stratford Upon Avon also have some truly unique shops such as the Nutcracker which sells Christmas decorations all year round! If you're a big fan of Christmas and start planning for next year on boxing day this is the shop for you. Another cute addition that I love is the Peter Rabbit specialist shop with plenty of gift ideas for children and adults.

If you’re into your fashion and accessories like me then you will want to take a look inside the little gift shops that line Henley Street or Gemini Woman that has been offering Scandinavian style on Wood Street for over 30 years.


William Shakespeare

Last but not least I can't forget the talented man who was born here - William Shakespeare. Tourists frequently visit his birthplace on Henley Street where he was born in 1564 making the half timbered house over 450 years old. When you go inside the house you will see it’s presented to reflect how he may have lived there.

Over time his plays have been brought to life by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre who are currently showing King Lear and Cymbeline on stage. But if you don't have time to watch a play then there are plenty of other options inside the RSC including the Tower - where you can see stunning views of Stratford, theatre tours, explore the free exhibitions or eat at the Rooftop Restaurant which I highly recommend.
The Shakespeare's birthplace trust website is a great guide for things to do if you've never been before.

Have you ever visited Stratford upon Avon?

*All images are my own

Liz x