The Botanist Coventry Review

When a restaurant is described as a botanical world awaits... it definitely makes me curious so when me and my fiance were recently invited to try out the new autumn menu of The Botanist in Coventry, I was rather excited to see what was in store and it didn't disappoint. Located in the Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre you can't miss the big neon sign at the front.

Our engagement trip to Intercontinental Mauritius Resort

If you didn't know by now I love to travel and I was lucky enough to win a trip to Mauritius with fashion brand Blue Vanilla which of course was an amazing surprise! But little did I know my partner Blake was planning an even bigger surprise for when I arrived at our beautiful all inclusive hotel - Intercontinental Mauritius Resort situated within the boundaries of Balaclava Bay and close to the capital, Port Louis.

Things To Consider When Buying Your First Home

If you are preparing to buy your first home, I know just how scary and stressful it can be, having bought our first home in Stratford Upon Avon this year. But with these first home tips below you can look at reducing the stress, challenges and hopefully make your first time search and move as easy as possible.

The Boxing Hare Review

Recently, my fiance and I were invited to review The Boxing Hare in Chipping Norton, a cosy Cotswold gastropub that from just looking at the outside I knew I was going to love. Owned by successful London Restaurateur of 30 years Antony Griffith Harris and his partner Stacey C. Elder with head chef Nick Anderson who comes with extensive experience and a few Michelin stars under his belt. Their aim with The Boxing Hare is to champion the best seasonal produce locally sourced from British farmers which I think is one of the reasons it's a big hit.

Small Ways To Improve Your Health

There are many things in our lives that we consider to be a priority, but it’s more surprising that we don’t put ourselves at the top of our priority lists very often. Especially if you have other responsibilities such as children or an elderly relative. When it comes to looking after yourself, it is and should be a big part of your life. Often we will tell other people that they should slow down and take care of themselves, even though we may have the same stresses and strains as them. So how do we achieve optimum health and fitness, when we are leading busy lives and don’t know where to start? They do say start at the beginning, so why not write down a list of all the health and fitness problems you feel your face, and start from there. 

The Pashley Picnic 2019

You will of at some point of seen a Pashley bike maybe outside Peggy Porschen in London or on social media they are hard to miss with their colourful frames and cute baskets! But what you might not know is that every year they hold an event in their hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon for all their customers to get together and have a jolly good time!

This year was my fifth Pashley Picnic ride! But as they say time flies when you're having fun and what a fun day we had indeed! Held on Saturday 14th September we were blessed with beautiful sunshine again and even more riders than usual who turned out in their very best vintage attire. We all met at the traditional cycle shop in the centre of my home town of Stratford-upon-Avon and where you'll find many Pashley bikes to lust over. Then once everyone had arrived it was time for a gentle 12 mile ride through the Warwickshire countryside followed by a picnic party by the river avon which included pass the parcel, music, food and lots of champagne!