Ways To Make Your House Feel More Like A Home

If you’re like most people then you would agree there’s a significant difference between walking into a “house” and walking into a “home”. Home is a lot less tangible and hard to define, but we can always sense a feeling of home when we enter someone’s house, yet sometimes this vital component can feel like it's missing altogether. This essence of home is imperative to feeling happy and harmonious in your property - and just like with most things, there’s a recipe to achieve it.

See, we all want to create a feeling of home, for ourselves and loved ones, yet just because we live in a nice house it doesn’t necessarily mean we will feel at home there.  Our sense of home seems to transcends the value of the bricks and mortar that are associated with the property; and even goes beyond the aesthetic beauty or well considered interior design.

5 Things to Remember When Searching for the Perfect Dress

The overall process of buying a dress can be a breeze. Typically, you’d start with choosing your favourite brand. You’d then walk into your nearest store or boot up your laptop, browsing the relevant sections. You see a dress you like in the most perfect colour or pattern, choose your size, place it in your basket or take it to the till. Simple, right? Actually, the perfect dress doesn’t always come that easily. From going out dresses, to your ideal wedding dress, getting that perfect fit or and style isn’t always a walk in the park. Who can relate?! 

There are certain things to consider which will help you when purchasing your ideal dress. It’s important to embrace your body shape and know what suits you, as well as physically making some changes yourself if needed. Here’s what you should bear in mind to keep your shopping trips as successful as possible.

Tips for Preparing for your Summer Holiday

Now the kids are breaking up from school for the summer holidays, the majority of us are going to be jetting off somewhere hot (5 weeks and counting for me). But before you go on holiday you should always prepare a beach vacation packing list so you don't forget anything. Whether you're a couple or a family going on a short or long stay beach holiday you're bound to forget something, you're only human after all. Luckily for you I have prepared lots of travel tips to help you stay organised.

Guest Post: Chic Ways to Dress Up a White Tee

In the vast universe of clothing garments, there are T-shirts, and then there are white T-shirts, which are a completely separate entity, even though they officially belong to this ‘casual garment’ family. If there were a casual clothing hall of fame, the white tee would be displayed there, right next to that perfect pair of jeans, a timeless trench coat and the iconic motto leather jacket. Yes, a white tee has a very special place in fashion and should hence have a very special place in your wardrobe. Why? The reasons are quite palpable. The mighty white tee has the ability to complete every outfit without being intrusive but still help the outfit pop. The right cut and neckline flatters every body type, and the crisp whiteness exudes that polish, clean and sleek vibe despite the fact that, on its own, a white tee seems plain and regular. 

 However, that’s where its charm lies – in its ability to blend and pop, be dressed up or down and be your savoir on many an occasion. Now that you know just how vital it is for you to own at least one white simple tee that compliments your figure perfectly, let’s play dress up and discover all the chic outfits you can use – all revolving around the tee.


Five Ways to Say Thank You

If you have someone who has done something great for you either at work or in your personal life this year, you will likely want to say thank you to them in a meaningful way. Depending on how big the gesture is, you might want to do something really special for them, and below I have a few great ideas which you can use. 

The Little White Dress

White is one of those colours that you need to wear wisely especially if you're going to be around pets, food or drink and if you're rather clumsy (like me) you're guaranteed to drop something down you. On this occasion I decided to chance it because I was off to the Billesley Manor gin festival which is a rather fancy hotel in Stratford Upon Avon and I wanted to take lots of outfit photos!

Billesley Manor Gin Festival 2018

On Sunday I was invited along with my photographer friend Hannah to Billesley Manor Gin Festival. Having only recently discovered my love for gin being that it's the on trend drink right now and UK distilleries and gin brands popping up everywhere, I was really excited to explore the different flavours of gin from local gin distilleries and relax in the sunshine.

Portugal Holiday Outfits 2018

This time last week I was in sunny Portugal relaxing and drinking plenty of sangria's, now it's back to reality and I'm reminiscing about the wonderful holiday and what I wore. Getting vacay ready is one of the things I most look forward to when going on holiday and I knew that Portugal was no exception with it's beautiful floral backdrops. I needed to pack some essentials for beach days and lazing by the pool and also nice evening looks for dinner. And the best part is they are all affordable from the high street! 

Primark bikini & sunglasses, Boohoo shorts