The Best of the Summer Sale

One of the best things about Summer is that all the sales start and even though your bank card might take a hit, you might at least get some pretty pieces much cheaper than their RRP! If you love the sales like me, well who doesn't... then I have lots of handy tips to share with you. 

Number one if you find something you like don't rush into it, try and have a google to find something similar as a lot of stores tend to copy each others styles so you are sure to find it elsewhere and hopefully cheaper. If the fashion website you're shopping on has a wishlist section (hello ASOS my addiction) then add the items you love there and watch them come down in price as they are bound to eventually. Another great tip is to sign up to the newsletters of your favourite websites, every Monday I receive a lot but its great to see what they have on offer and sometimes I get a cheeky discount on top of the sale.

Right, now I am finally going to share my favourite summer sale pieces online by price of course!

Finding the Perfect Bra with Hunkemöller

Buying lingerie for myself is about making myself look and feel good whether it's just to wear day to day or to wear for your other half. I also want it to be comfortable and fit well as us girls have to wear one everyday of the week. I have found it a struggle in the past to find the perfect bra as lots of lingerie brands sizing is so different. I must admit I never used to spend loads on bras but now I'm learning how better the quality and the fit is, if you do spend that little extra. Hence the beautiful brand from the Netherlands I am going to be talking about today - Hunkemöller. They specialise in lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and most recently a new sportswear collection. 

My Designer Wishlist

Even though my fashion blog is all about bargains it doesn't mean that I don't like designer goods, it's just I unfortunately can't afford them (hint hint boyfriend) whilst other things in life take priority, like paying the bills. But if there was a world where I could buy any designer clothing, shoes and accessories I wanted lets just it would be like a scene from confessions of a shopaholic, overflowing with shopping bags and my credit card would have to be frozen. And obviously there would be a designer wishlist, which I am going to share with you today.

With so many websites stocking designer clothes its hard to know where to shop but I was recently introduced to OD's Designer Clothing and I really love their fashion website and their clothing range. OD's stock various designer labels including Ash, Ted Baker, Olivia Burton, Vivienne Westwood, Moschino and lots more for men, women and kids. You can shop by designer label or category making it a whole lot easier to find what you are looking for and they currently have a sale which is always a bonus.

my designer wishlist

Barcelona Style Diary

Whenever I go on my travels, I get so excited to plan my outfits because it always means buying something they say a girl can never have too many clothes! This particular travel adventure was Barcelona for our three year anniversary and I knew it was going to be hot, 35 degrees in fact which meant cool clothing for day and night.

I could only carry on a small suitcase, so this meant extra planning because I could only fit a minimum amount of shoes (which is difficult for a fashion blogger who is a shoeaholic) and I also wanted to do some shopping while I was out there, so I had to keep a little space for that.

Mad Beauty Review

With so many beauty brands in the blogosphere its rare that you come across something unique and quirky, I thought that until I discovered Mad Beauty. A beauty brand that takes me back to my youth with its vintage inspired Kelloggs and Disney products all starting from 99p! Not only are the prices reasonable but they are launching new ranges all the time including jelly belly and slush puppie. In addition to this they even have their own branded beauty products, including hand sanitizers, cosmetic bags, nail varnishes, lip glosses and so much more! If you're an eager beaver you can even start getting prepared for Christmas (148 days away) with their lovely gifts or if you just want a cute gift for a birthday there is so much choice.