Bringing Important Memories Into Your Decor

Bringing memories into your decor is a great way to show more of your personality, fill your home with love and happiness and ensure that your decor is always unique. It’s a wonderful way to make a house a home and give it plenty of personal touches, creating a talking point and giving your rooms new focus. Your home, after all, is your private space. It’s where you are free to relax and be yourself. Nothing makes this easier than being surrounded by important memories and things that mean something to you. Here are some ways to incorporate your memories into your decor


Photographs are probably the easiest way to scatter your home with memories. Yet now that so many of us take all of our photographs on smartphones, we rarely print them off. We share them on social media but rarely look at them again ourselves. 

Why not get some photographs printed and display them in single frames and collages around your home which is what I do. Photos can be printed cheaply either at UK supermarkets or Boots, so can easily be replaced whenever you feel like a change. 


Photographs aren’t the only way to bring back powerful memories, panoramic canvas prints from all of your favourite places is another fantastic way. These could be places that you've been on holiday, your hometown and other locations that you love. If you’ve got a particular photo or quote that you love, have this printed on canvas too to make it stand out more on your wall.


Do you have a special place? A location that means something to you, or a place that you often visit? Many of us do. It might be somewhere exotic, or it could be down the road. It doesn’t matter as long as it carries meaning to you. Go to this place and take a look in some galleries and shops. Is there a local artist that you admire? Or a particular style that makes you smile?

If you can’t afford original pieces, prints, or even postcards and greetings cards that are framed can look perfect on your walls. 


Making things yourself is a wonderful way to add more of yourself to your decor. If you’ve got kids, why not display their artwork prominently instead of just sticking it on the fridge? Frame some of your favourites or create a gallery space where they can show off their work. They’ll love it and be keen to create more. 

Even as an adult, crafting home accessories and decor can be great fun, fantastic stress relief and a neat way to add more personality to your home. Collect shells from trips to the beach or material samples from your favourite stores, use these in your projects so that they all mean something and bring back a memory. 

Get Framing

Important memories aren’t just about places that you’ve visited or significant life events. It could be a framed CD from a band that you listened to at a special time of your life or a menu from your favourite restaurant. You might have kept something from your childhood home or a part of your school uniform. You can frame and hang almost anything. 

How do you add memories into your home?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post

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