Tips For Choosing The Perfect Carpet

Carpets are as popular as ever bringing quiet and warmth to any home. Many people like carpet throughout their homes. Others want carpet just in certain rooms like bedrooms and hallways. But before you pick what rooms remember it is an absorptive fabric, so reduces sound levels and also acts as a great insulator by helping to keep rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When choosing a carpet for your home there is a lot to think about including where you are going to lay the carpet plus what materials, styles and patterns to choose from so here are some tips for helping you choose the perfect carpet for your home.

Budget VS Quality

First thing when choosing a carpet is to set a budget. When you see cheap carpets online they are generally for the lowest quality carpet which might be good for a guest bedroom or office but wouldn't be suitable for a living room where footfall is greater.

One style of carpet might be sold in different piles or qualities.This way, you can install the same colour and pattern in different piles throughout your home, depending on the amount of footfall. Remember hallways, landings and stairs are some of the most used areas in our homes, therefore require something a little more robust.

And don’t forget to also use a high quality underlay which will help prolong the life of your new carpet. 

Carpet Colour and Patterns

The colour of your carpet will influence the other colour choices for that room or your entire home. Generally, opting for neutral colours is a safer choice and allows the furniture and decorations to take centre stage. But lighter shades will show up dirty marks more easily.

Always try to contrast with the colour of your walls for example if you have a dark shade, then it is advisable to buy a lighter carpet. If the walls are neutral, then you can either select a light colour or a darker shade of carpet. A top tip is to test out a couple of different carpet swatches in different parts of your room and at various times of the day.

A patterned carpet can have more of a dramatic effect on a room and make it seem larger, smaller or even more traditional. For example, a striped carpet can create the illusion of a wider space. A dining room, would also benefit from a patterned carpets as it would help to mask stains.

Understanding carpet fibres

Carpets are made with a variety of synthetic and natural fibres, the most common materials being nylon, polyester and polypropylene.

Polypropylene is a man-made fibre where the colour is built into the fibre when it is made. This means that the colour will not fade, even when exposed to sunlight through the windows. It is also stain-resistant and hard wearing but is flammable and flattens easily.

Nylon (also known as polyamide) outperforms all other carpet fibres in durability, resilience and easy maintenance. This is a good choice if you want your carpet to last a long time, for high-traffic areas, and in homes with kids and pets.

Polyester does not have the same resilience as nylon but it is like wool in appearance and feel meaning it is remarkably soft, durable and stain resistant. Most often used as a blend, rather than on its own and comes in a variety of colours.

Consider the different carpet piles

There are a variety of carpet piles which affect the feel, appearance and performance of your carpet. For example a deeper carpet pile can feel softer to the touch, but harder to vacuum therefore a shorter pile is easier to care for.

Twist piles have a textured appearance and a course finish. They create hard wearing carpets because the yarn has been twisted tightly together, creating a one-way pile direction making them ideal for heavily used areas.

A loop pile is hard wearing due to its uncut continuous loops on the surface and its distinctive knot appearance making it more appropriate for high traffic areas such as hallways, landings and stairs. Although not a great choice if you cats, as they may pull up the loops with their claws.

Saxony has a deep pile and a velvet like appearance but does flatten more easily. This carpet pile is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms as it adds an extra element of luxury, comfort and relaxation.

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