Guest Post: Spring Proof Your Skin - Say Hello Glow and Bye Bye Dry

I was commiserating with a family member recently about how dry and sensitive our skin is due to the changing temperatures and environment (we were sledging not long ago and today it's 10 degrees!). It got me researching ways to keep your skin looking flawless when the seasons change and with my findings I have created this simple step-by-step routine to blow away the Winter cobwebs and get your skin glowing ready for the warmer weather. As well as trying out Liz’s gorgeous 80’s curls tutorial I invite you to join me in Spring proofing our skin!

Cleanse your skin

I love wearing makeup and tend to wear quite full coverage, heavy products, which can be hard to remove. Normally this would be fine, but at this time of year I find that my usual go-to cleanser dries my skin out. Until I found the miracle that is coconut oil! I had seen a youbeautyblog on using it as a cleanser and was sceptical at first, but I had some in my cupboard and nothing to lose and boy am I glad I tried this out.

It is so easy to do, you just warm it up a pea-size amount in your fingers and gently rub onto your face. Once your makeup had softened, wipe everything off with hot water and cotton pads or a face cloth and you are done! This leaves your skin feeling hydrated, reduces fine lines and even moisturises your lashes to help stop them falling out too early – win, win and win!
Steam your skin A lovely way to get your skin feeling Spring fresh, especially if you suffer from oily skin, is a hot steam with lemon to open and clear pores. You can do this at home with a bowl filled with boiling water and half a lemon sliced added to the container. Simply place the steamy bowl on a desk or table (be careful it will still be hot!), tie your hair back and make sure your skin is cleansed and free of makeup. Then place your face over the bowl and cover your head with a clean towel to stop any heat escaping. Stay here for two to three minutes and then gently pat your skin dry with the towel.

Another way of creating this relaxing experience at home is by installing a steam shower in your bathroom. This is a moisture-sealed shower enclosure that disperses steam around a person's body, creating a wonderful in house spa. Exfoliate your skin With harsh weather and constant dry air from central heating it’s no wonder we’re feeling flaky. If like me you are struggling with dry patches ruining the look of your foundation, now is the time to get scrubbing. Once you have cleansed and steamed, take a walnut sized amount of your favourite exfoliator, I love microdermabrasion types or you can even make you own with one of these DIY recipes. Follow the instructions as some will work on dry skin and others need water to get going. Pro-tips: Make sure you get the bow of your lip where pesky oils can build up, use warm not hot water as this can dry your skin and choose products made with fine granules to avoid skin damage.

Wash your skin

Spring forward, break out seems to be the theme for my skin at this time of year! A little research into this and I discovered that warmer months can make your skin’s oil production go into overdrive. Our immediate response can be to attack our t-zone with harsh face washes and toners, but this can be exactly the opposite of what our skin needs! So, when you come to choosing a face wash (using a face wash is optional in this routine, but it is important for your daily practice) go for natural skin care products that don’t dehydrate your epidermis such as those containing alcohol or perfumes. Pro Tips:  Using a facial oil can make your skin less oily as it reassures your skin that it doesn’t need to keep producing it!

Mask your skin

Most skin care professionals recommend using a mask to purify your skin once or twice a week and Spring is no time to stop! If you are suffering from dryness, choose a hydrating product that will infuse your skin with moisture and if you have combination or oily skin and are having a break out like me then a mud mask is in order. Use a brush to apply the product to your face as this will prevent the transfer of any oil or dirt from your fingertips, allow for more even coverage and reduce the amount you need to use. Follow the application instructions for the product, but for mud masks make sure that you don’t let if fully dry as this can suck up your skin’s moisture!

Image Credit: Forever Flawless Mua

Moisturise your skin

It is important to apply moisturising products straight after washing off your mask to achieve the best hydration for your skin. Up until recently I wasn’t convinced about using a serum would add anything that my moisturiser didn’t already. Then I did some reading and discovered that whereas your regular moisturiser will have 5% to 10% of the active ingredient, serums have up to 70%! Filled with vitamins, minerals and other magical ingredients they are designed to penetrate the skin and infuse your dermis in a way that regular moisturisers cannot. So if you are a serum convert like me, apply this to your face straight after your mask and then add your favourite moisturiser over the top to seal the serum in for ultimate hydration. Hydrate and Protect

Two things we get told over and over are to drink enough water and use sun protection, but sometimes it just doesn’t go in! So, as much of a note to myself as to you dear readers, is to remember that the best thing for clear, healthy, hydrated looking skin is drinking enough water. I use this water calculator to figure out how much I need (way more than I thought) because it’s different for everyone based on their activity levels and other factors. And finally, if you’re heading outside, for goodness sake don’t forget your SPF!

Using these seven steps is already having a positive impact on my skin and I hope that you get awesome results too! If I had to choose one top from all of them I would struggle, but my favourite has to be coconut oil as a cleanser, it makes my skin so soft and my eyelashes are already feeling stronger. Wishing you a happy week peeps and super fresh, hydrated skin despite the change in season!

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