The Ultimate Festival Packing List

With summer comes the best music festivals and this year I'm lucky enough to have got a ticket to the best festival in the world - GLASTONBURY. I couldn't be more excited with less than a few days to go but there is so much to think about including what to pack. If you want to make it through the long fun filled weekend, and really enjoy the festival experience, there are some festival essentials you absolutely can’t go without. As I say it’s always better to be over-prepared than without something you really need. 

Festival Camping Must Haves

 Tent - First on your list has to be a place to sleep at night, lots of festivals let you bring in your own tent or you can rent one like we have for Glastonbury to make it easier. Whatever you do make sure to practice setting up your tent before you go.

Self inflating airbed / camp bed - What you sleep on is high up on my list because I still want to be comfortable, you can get an airbed with a built in foot pump or a folding camp bed for ease. 

Camping stool or chairs / picnic blanket - in the day time before the big acts begin you may want to sit around your tent enjoying a few drinks with your friends.

Blanket as well as a sleeping bag - even if its warm in the day it can get rather chilly at night so a sleeping bag is a must but also a blanket is a great extra.

Ground sheet - for extra coverage in your tent if it rains.

Travel or blow up pillow - convenient to travel with and perfect for sleeping on at night.

Camping stove - perfect for heating up hot water for that much needed hangover tea or coffee. Or even enjoy a pot noodle to satisfy those lunch time cravings.

Festival Clothing & Footwear

Sunglasses - if its likely to be sunny these are an essential for your eyes. Primark have the best cheap ones that you won't mind losing.

Waterproof coat / Pac a Mac - if the rain starts to pour this will be your most valuable item. 

Wellies or walking boots and thick socks - not the most comfortable shoes but perfect for muddy conditions and don't forget the socks to make them that bit more bearable to walk in.

Flip flops – perfect for quickly running around the campsite to grab something or go to the bathroom / showers.

Jumper / sweatshirt for the evening chill - you may want to pack this in your back pack or just wear to bed.

Bikini - if the festival you're going to has showers these will most likely be fairly open so a bikini can contain your modesty. 

Backpack or bumbag  - for storing your snacks, water, phone and valuables safely.

Large rucksack -  to carry all your festival essentials, camping equipment and clothing to and from the camp site.

Spare clothes and shoes - If your clothes get wet, ruined or lost you’ll need to have spare ones to get you through the whole festival.

Other Festival Essentials 

Alcohol - some festivals like Glastonbury let you bring in your own alcohol as long as it isn't in glass, so think cans and boxes of wine or decant into a plastic bottle.

Ear plugs and eye mask - block out any light and noise at night.

Reusable water bottle and camping mugIt’s important to keep hydrated, especially when out in the sun all day so a reusable water bottle is an absolute necessity and a camping mug for your hot drinks.

Toiletries - wet wipes for your body, face wipes, antibacterial hand sanitiser, dry shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, toilet roll and plasters. 

Snacks - you'll need some fuel after all that walking and dancing. Cereal bars and crisps are ideal as they are easy to pack and light to carry with you throughout the day.

Portable battery for your phone - there's nothing worse than losing your friends and not being able to call or text them. In fact EE are hosting a Recharge Tent which is completely free to use, no matter which network you’re on, and is open from 10am to 10pm every day of Glastonbury Festival 2019.

Towel -  for drying off from the rain or if you're lucky enough to have a shower. The microfiber towels are better as they dry a lot quicker than a normal towel.

Bin bags - For any rubbish and clothes that get muddy. Always remember to throw away anything before you leave.

Collapsible washing up bowl & jug - These two will help wash your hair in case of no showers, fill the bowl with water and wash away. Plus being collapsible means it will
fit nicely in your car and tent.

Head torch - In case you need to get up in the night to use the toilet or navigate your way back to your tent.

Small mirror - perfect for touching up your make up and hair before you hit the festival stages.

Hair brush and bobbles - After sleeping in a tent, your hair will become knotty and tangled so don't forget a hairbrush and bobble to tie it out of the way especially if the temperatures get hot.

What are your festival essentials? Are you going to Glastonbury?

Liz x

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