Snack Alternative to Crisps: Introducing Cheesies

Crisps are one of my favourite snacks especially when I'm at work craving a quick snack and I am not the only one, they are eaten by 93% of UK adults in fact. But are they healthy? The answer is no and for that reason I have cut my crisp intake in the past year. Take ready salted crisps for example they contain 171 calories per packet and nearly 11 grams of fat! 

However I have a snack alternative that I have recently been introduced too and the cheese lover within me is very excited because they are delicious crunchy popped balls of cheese called Cheesies! Which means you can satisfy those cheese and snack cravings at the same time but not feel as guilty! Because they have way less calories!

You might be thinking how can these be different to other cheese snacks on the market but for one they come in three flavours of cheese: gouda, emmental and cheddar. Cheesies contain hardly any carbohydrates but are high in protein perfect for those who go to the gym or are trying out a keto diet. And they are gluten free and vegetarian plus the best part is they only contain around 120 calories per portion.

But what about the taste? The Gouda flavoured cheesies were much milder and creamier than the rest. Where as the emmental ended up being my favourite as it had a lot more flavour and had a nutty taste to it. The Cheddar flavour was the strongest out of all three and was a lot more crumbly. There is definitely a Cheesies flavour for everyone and I highly recommend you giving them a try.

If you don't want to just eat Cheesies on their own as a snack, you can add them to your summer salad, soups or just anything you want to add some crunch too at your summer BBQ's.

Want to win some Cheesies? You have until 1st July to enter!

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