How Do You Develop Your Personal Style?

You may have looked at pictures of effortlessly stylish stars on the red carpet, posing at a premiere or even caught candidly by paparazzi boarding a flight or entering into an exclusive restaurant and wondered how exactly they do it. How do they look so instantly recognisable and utterly stylish? The answer lies in the fact that very chic women have put effort into evolving their personal style, and the result is that they look incredible, even off-duty. 

But you may think this is impossible to achieve unless you have a limitless budget, couture designers falling over themselves to dress you and an army of stylists at your disposal, right? Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong if you follow the below style tips.

Finding Your Personal Style

Examples of incredible personal style on everyday people are all around us thanks to street style blogs and Pinterest boards dedicated to the subject. Cultivating your own personal style is not about slavishly following runway trends or ripping off a celebrity look, it's about taking into account various factors such as your lifestyle, body shape, personality and colouring and choosing elements which consistently flatter your individuality. You can take the idea of a signature style as far as you like - from an accessory that you always wear even through to a personalised number plate for your car - search here for options. These simple style tips will help you to discover exactly what your signature style is.

Understanding Your Body Shape

Perhaps the single most important aspect to looking good is learning to dress for your body shape. You can use a body shape calculator to work out which styles will suit you if you aren’t sure. Clothes are really useful tools for visually revealing and concealing - flaws can be disguised while you can show off your best bits once you know what silhouette you have. Find hero items that always work for you - it could be the pencil skirt, straight legged jeans or a billowing blouse. Then you have the building blocks of your style that can be repurchased time and time again in different fabrics and colours.

Add Some Personality

Once you have the basic shapes that suit you sorted, it's time to layer in some of your unique personality on top. Think about your lifestyle - your day to day tasks and environments and what would be appropriate to wear for them. It could be that you work in a creative industry, or a more corporate one. You may lead a very active, outdoors lifestyle or have small children to consider. Clothing has to suit your lifestyle in order to really work for you. You can then start to think about the accessories you personally favour. Perhaps red lipstick always makes you feel pulled together, or you have a collection of chic silk scarves. Weaving these elements into your look will make you feel like the best version of yourself and allow you to express who you are to the world.

How would you describe your personal style?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post

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  1. Right suggestions! I think that if one is looking for a personal style and don't know how to start should also ask experts, like Personal Shoppers or someone like that, to first understand his body, which shape can value it and which colours suit best! :)