How To Ensure Your Rental Is Homely

With renting on the rise for millennial's and young families in 2019 due to the fact owning a home has increased costs and less flexibility, which means buy to let investors need to think about how they can make their investment a success and attract potential renters more than ever! Whether they’re investing in a residential apartment, a house, or a student property, there are certain things such as space and location that appeal to tenants and make them want to rent a property. One important thing that a lot of landlords may not consider but that attracts a variety of prospective tenants, is a welcoming and homely atmosphere and appearance. If you’re looking for ways to attract tenants and make your buy to let property feel like home, take a look at these simple ideas. 

Make your decor stand out from the rest

We all know the typical decor of a rental property. Magnolia walls, drab brown carpets and dated leather sofas are usually the features faced by tenants looking for their next rental property. Whilst this type of decor is neutral and easy to maintain, it’s not great at marketing your property in a positive light and making tenants feel at home. 

Instead you could catch the attention of prospective tenants by decorating your property with more welcoming colours, comfortable furnishings and eye catching fixtures such as installing Carisa Designer Radiators around the home. 

In terms of colours you can still keep your walls neutral with shades like light grey or a warm beige, perhaps even painting a feature wall in a brighter colour to make the property stand out in listings. Go for wooden floors as they are much easier to clean, and when selecting furniture, go for more modern pieces and pick stylish, state of the art light fixtures for an extra special touch. You could even use a property investment company like RW Invest who offer fantastic opportunities which are all decorated to the highest standard, saving you the hassle of any home maintenance tasks. 

Allow some customisation

Even though your buy to let property might look good as new from the get-go, people who are renting are still often put off by not being able to decorate the property themselves and give the space their own personal touch. One way to get around this issue is to allow for some customisation from the tenants. For instance, allowing tenants to hang photos or artwork on the walls to help them put their mark on the property and make them feel more at home, without the need for any major and permanent changes. If you’re worried about marking the walls in the property with the use of nails, let your tenant know they can use adhesive picture hanging strips if they wish, or even supply these as a nice welcoming touch. 

Add some finishing touches

Finally, there are some finishing touches that can really bring a home together and make a property feel more homely. Adding some real or artificial plants to your home is a great way to do this as they can instantly breathe more life into a room. Displaying some fresh flowers at viewings and when they move in is another great touch that is sure to make your property stand out. 

What is your experience of renting a home?

Liz x

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