Should You Go On A Cruise? The Pros And Cons

As soon as the summer starts drawing to a close, chances are you’ve already started planning your next holiday to escape the winter blues. If you like to explore a new place every year, you may have started to run out of locations that you want to go - or you might be torn between a lot of different destinations! If that sounds familiar, have you considered taking a cruise? Here are some of the pros and cons of a cruise trip...

PRO: You Can Explore The World

First of all, a cruise enables you to explore the world. Because you’re constantly moving, you get to explore a lot of different places without having to worry about the travel between each place yourself. This means that you get to take in a lot of different cultures, cuisines and historical landmarks in a short space of time. Cruise companies like Bolsover Cruises provide a lot of different cruise options, meaning that you can find a cruise trip that really suits you and your travel needs.

CON: You May Want More Control

If you’re used to backpacking or travelling on your own terms, you may feel frustrated that you can’t control where exactly you go or how long you spend there. However, this may not be so much of an issue, particularly if you have a young family and want to show them different parts of the world - a cruise means you can do so without having to drag them on and off various modes of transport. Plus you’re able to schedule outings and activities as and when you want, and you will be given your own exploration time in each city.

PRO: You Can Relax Entirely

On a cruise, you can completely relax. Food is provided for you, and everything you might need is within arm’s reach, whether that’s a massage, a new handbag, kids entertainment, or the latest films and shows. A cruise is a real chance to take a break from everyday life and to relax and to enjoy yourself - if you’re used to self-catering holidays, for example, you may be tired of cooking for yourself each evening and having to go out and buy groceries every so often. On a cruise, that isn’t an issue and you can really kick back.

CON: Cruises Can Be Expensive

Cruises can, admittedly, be a strain on the wallet. However, you can find plenty of deals online, and you can pick and choose which activities you want to do when you’re on board the ship. Depending on what you want from your cruise, you may also find that food is included, meaning that you won’t have to pay for much out of pocket while you’re away.

PRO: Cruises Are Family Friendly

Finally, if you’re a parent, you’ll find that a cruise is a perfect trip to take with your kids. On board cruise ships there are playgroups, pools, activities, and even rock climbing walls that your kids will enjoy. It’s a perfect trip to take with your family - you could also go with your parents to spend some time with them, or your partner and in-laws. You could also take a cruise with a group of your best girl friends.

If you want to splash out on the trip of a lifetime, a cruise might just be what you should go for.

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Liz x

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  1. I've never gone one cruise, but I'd like to one day! :)