Singapore: A Concrete Jungle With Plenty Of Green

Singapore is one of the best countries in Asia when it comes to growth and prosperity. One of the reasons why this great city has prospered is because of the financial and business districts. In fact these districts have fully taken over the central zones of the nation and have become widely recognised all around the world aesthetically. 

The skyline is one to be behold with your own eyes. Travellers and holidaymakers alike should try to get down to the city for another reason however. This brilliant city will surprise you in many ways and one of them is how green it is. Yes it does have a high GDP but that’s not the type of green being referred to here. The parks and vegetation inside the city are looked after and cared for by the government. Their growing skyscrapers and residential buildings are sometimes overbearing but the natural greenery that is open to the public makes life easier. 

Strolling along the reservoir

You wouldn’t know it if you travelled to the Upper Peirce Reservoir that you were still in Singapore. The waterfront is incredible, with smooth and still green water that surrounds the land. Here you can find the Central Water Catchment, which is a walking pathway that circles the park and the waterfront. The amazing thing is this piece of land and water is actually in the heart of the city. Just a couple miles away are the tall skyscrapers and the hustle of the cars in traffic jams. Yet, here you are standing in the middle of an amazing view with tall trees, still water and quietness. However if you travel a little to the east, and you will find the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. The zoo is great to explore for the smaller creatures but during the night, you can visit the tiger enclosure to see the activities of the male and female tigers. 

Overlooking the Pandan River

While you explore Singapore you need a place to stay. However you can’t expect to see all this city has to offer if you’re only going to be here for a few days or 1 week. If you’re intent on exploring all the green the city has, then rent a condo that overlooks the Pandan River. Check out the whistler grand details for modern rooms and great views. It could be that you have your heart set on staying so you may also want to buy a condo for yourself. The lease is the standard 99-years which is great for investments and also becoming a resident of the city. There are a total of 36 floors and 715 condos to choose from.

The opposing gardens

Singapore has a rich history and this is shown in the opposing gardens towards the south-east. Islands unto themselves, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens are opposite each other and situated in the Jurong Lake. As you can imagine, each garden has it's own cultural influences. The Japanese Garden is filled with traditional Japanese colours and themes. The walkway bridge is a classic short humpback which is seen in many traditional Japanese castles and affluent private residents. There are also stone sculptures that are dotted around the garden. The pink lotus flowers break up the dark lush green vegetation that surrounds you. It's well kept and looked after, and takes pride of place with many locals. 

The Chinese Garden is even more popular as many of the citizens are in fact Cantonese. The multi-tower traditional Chinese buildings are fascinating. They have a fiery tile design for the roofs but with a pale white stone as they tower over the visitors. It's a place for leisure as there are open spaces for you to lie down on the soft grass. There’s a walking pathway made entirely out of stone and encircles the entire garden from start to finish. It's used as a guided tour around the entire garden without the need for an actual tour guide.

Singapore is a city of skyscrapers. The financial and business districts are incredibly populated. They light up at night to make the iconic Singapore skyline. However in among all this concrete, are places of green vegetation, vibrant flowers, gardens and waterfronts. It's little wonder that many end up buying a place here and staying for the long haul. 

Have you ever been to Singapore?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post 

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