Make your home cosy this winter

As far as winters go, we haven’t actually had a bad one so far. There have been a few moments where the weeks were a little bit frosty in the morning, and some parts of the country have had a sprinkle of snow. But it’s safe to say that so far, the winter has been exactly like it was last year, rather mild.  It doesn’t help that the nights have drawn in, meaning it feels dark and cold far earlier than it usually does. So if there’s one place of safe haven that we all have, it’s within our homes. It's so easy to make it cosy and warm for the rest of this winter, and I show you how below.

Light & Warmth 

 Light and warm should definitely be the theme of this winter. When you get all snuggly, you don’t want to be in complete darkness with only the TV to light the room. You want that perfect warm glow that’s going to stop the room from being too dark, and keep it warm enough to keep you snuggly. So one item you could look into that would achieve this all in one, is an electric fire. Inset electric fires are great for keeping your living room toasty and warm, with that beautiful glow. They’re cheap to run, easy to use, and will definitely become a staple to your home. Anyone reading this with one will know how great they are! 

 Bedroom Accessories 

 The one place in your home where you’re going to be able to get super snuggly, is in the bedroom. At the minute, there are so many fluffy, furry, and fleece accessories that you can get to make those cosy nights oh so much better. Fleece duvet sets are all the rage at the minute because of how super comfy they are. A fur throw and some pillows on top would help to make your bed feel like luxury. 

Introduce Scents 

Scents play a huge part in creating that perfect winter cosiness. From candles to diffusers, the aromas are endless and they are one of my favourite home accessories, with their warm glow and festive smell, you can’t help but feel cosy. 

 Modern Technology

 Sticking along the lines of the bedroom, there’s some funky technology that will definitely keep you warm. There are heated electric blankets that are like a dream to cuddle up to. They’re so safe to use, and they’re so great as a bedroom accessory. They’re really not that expensive to buy either, especially online.

How are you making your home cosy for winter?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post

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