Key Interior Trends for Summer 2019

Summer is the perfect time of year to refresh your home’s decor, as blue skies, long days and warm weather make it the ideal time of year for reducing clutter and brightening the place up.

If you’re looking to redesign your home this summer, the following tips from Chapel Interiors may spark your imagination. The Cheshire-based designer paint and wallpaper supplier has put together a summary of this season’s key interior trends, including palm grove, painted ceilings and textured surfaces. 

Palm Grove

If you look at any interior style guides or the coolest blogs this summer, there’s one look that seems to crop up more than others, and that’s palm grove. 

Taking in a wide range of historical influences from Art Deco to the Mediterranean, palm grove combines linen and cotton fabrics with pale tones and powdery textures. There’s plenty of room to experiment with colours, try mixing fading creams with terracotta and beige for some exciting results. 

Painted Ceilings

During the eighties, painting the ceiling was cool. This summer, it’s set for a big comeback as interior designers look to include ‘the fifth wall’ in their plans. 

The ceiling is a blank canvas and whatever you add will have a dramatic effect on the way the room looks and feels – you can add wallpaper, mouldings or paint, of course. 
This approach to ceiling decoration is ideal for creating a more elegant space, no matter which room of the house you are working on. 

If you’re considering giving it a go, try a subtle shade such as Little Greene Pearl Colour.

Textured Surfaces

The latest trend to dominate the pages of interior blogs and magazines is texture. It has become a huge part of today’s interior landscape with designers pining for the stylish results that can be created by embracing a more naturalistic approach to surfaces. Rugged concrete, grainy woods and rough metallics are just a few suggestions of places to start. 

For best results, experiment with layers of matte or shine until you find something that you like. 

Bedroom Focus

In recent years, interior stores and news outlets alike have pushed a lot of new, exciting ideas on how to make your kitchen into a more vibrant, exciting space. In 2019, there has been a similar approach to ideas around the bedroom. Over the coming months, there will undoubtedly be a wide range of new bedroom products available to help make your bedroom more stylish. 

Throughout the summer months, the bedroom can become a great place to escape to, for a rest and a cool down, and the basics of maintaining a comfortable bedroom during the warmer months are simple and affordable. 

In terms of style inspiration, late 2019 is all about bold style choices, from layering linens to statement walls. In terms of colours, blue, pink and green are set to be popular as are the earthy, natural tones mentioned above.

Whatever style you choose for your home this summer, remember to have fun and experiment. Having too rigid of a plan can lead to the room looking stale and lifeless. Remember your house is to be lived in, not just marvelled at on social media. 

What's your favourite interior trend for summer?

Liz x

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