Creating A Blog That Can Blossom Into A Business

Maybe you studied marketing at university purely so you could set up a blog, or you just recently new to blogging and found it to be a very fun and exciting experience that you'd like to do more of. However you started, turning a blog into a profitable business is something we’ve all considered including myself, but it's far more difficult in reality. Ultimately, because there are so many bloggers out there nowadays, we've got to have something unique. But in addition to this, we have to embody some form of business awareness. Today I'm talking about what are the best components to embody so a blog can turn into a business? 

Take Small Steps

You have to start small. If not, you will go the way of many other businesses that fall flat on their face within 12 to 18 months. Instead, you've got to learn the ropes, but also take it easy. You can't jump ship from your job and become a full-time blogger, earning masses of money right away. It's far better for you to bide your time, learn the ropes, and understand your own specific weaknesses so you can fine-tune these problems and make it a far more consistent blog. A lot of people monetise their blog as a way to get started right away, such as getting paid to advertise products or climbing up the influencer ladder. The big problem with this is that if you have a major cash injection up front, you may be betraying your blog style and ethics and turning it into a moneymaker. Instead, be true to who you are, and learn how to develop this blog in an organic fashion.

Know Your Niche

Knowing your niche is one of the earliest steps to creating a blog that's unique and captures the attention of people out there. Ultimately, writing a blog should be about what you know. Depending on your interests, you can very easily capture an audience, but if your style or approach to life is something you have seen in so many blogs out there, think hard about who you are and what you want to communicate. After all, a unique angle is what will get people's attention. It's a very simple business lesson, but finding your niche will give you a better chance of creating a successful blog.

Craft Your Brand

You've learnt the ropes, understood your niche, and developed some form of business sense, you now have to craft the image completely. There could be a point when a blog develops into a proper business, possibly because you're selling products, and as such, you've got to learn how to run an organisation effectively. This means having control over every aspect of the image, online and offline. 

This can be very difficult, especially if you have no idea where to begin. But there are always virtual office resources that can help, such as Your Virtual Office London, that work with businesses that don't have much in the way of budget to create an image that appears fully-fledged. This is very helpful if it's just you, but when you start having other people on board, it's important that you start to think about the overall image of this business, and hiring people that embody this. After all, if you are using your attitudes and voice and putting this all over your blog, it's vital that you bring other people on board that can help flesh this out further. 

Do you have anymore tips for turning your blog into a business?

Liz x

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