A Must-See Mini Travel Guide To Malaysia

So you're travelling to Malaysia? A beautiful country in Asia full of diversity, rich history vibrant culture plus so much to see and do, including tasting their amazing cuisine, taking in their stunning parks and architecture and not forgetting the picturesque beaches. If you've got a lot of travel time then you'll want to see as much as you can, so plan your journey with this mini guide so you don't miss a thing.

Start your Asian trip in the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, it will inspire you immediately with beautiful colonial buildings, the National Mosque, and the old railway station. After a 15 minute ride, you will reach the Central Market, where you can treat yourself to a fresh coconut, and you're only around the corner from the bustling Chinatown! If you have some more time, then make a trip to Brickfields, the Indian neighbourhood where you can find great authentic dishes. Then, of course, there are the Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world - you can't afford to miss these! Especially at night when they are donned with tons of illuminating lights.

From there you should head to Petaling Jaya, a suburb which is home to a thrilling water amusement park and live-action puzzle room, a romantic ice skating rink and somewhere where you can take an educational cooking class. A 20-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, the city has catered to commuters with plenty of public transportation options, such as Rapid KL buses & LRT stations, so if you're thinking of ever moving to Malaysia you're sure to find a studio for rent in PJ

Next on your Malaysian trip, you could head over to the Cameron Highlands and experience a lower temperature than the much hotter capital Kuala Lumpur and experience nature expand as far as the eye can see! 

After the Highlands, travel to Penang and head to the city of George Town. You should allow at least three days, so you have enough time to enjoy the place. Two things that are very popular in Penang are street art and food, so why not book yourself a food tour and the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus where you can get an excellent overview of Penang. You could also visit one of the night markets in Penang too! 

From there head to the East Coast by plane to Kota Bahru then take a taxi to Kuala Besut. Once there, take a boat to the Perhentian Islands which consists of two islands, the Perhentian Kecil (small) and the Perhentian Besar island (larger). The larger island is usually quieter, but at Long Beach on Kecil, there is accommodation and plenty of bars and restaurants. Although the bay can get a little busy, there is a lot more going on than in Besar.

The islands are known for their vast underwater world, so book a snorkelling trip and see plenty of clownfish, parrot fish, turtles, sharks, huge napoleon fish, and stingrays. Next head to Tioman Island there is a handful of villages inhabited by locals. Then, to the west of the island are where most of the restaurants, bars, and hotels are located. However, if you are looking for seclusion and the jungle, then check yourself into the Tuna Maya Resort & Spa, which boasts a private beach and is surrounded by lush green nature. The resort is embedded into the jungle and is situated in front of two massive mountains with a creek running through it and trees will tower above you.

Next, you want to head to Melaka where you can walk to the famous Stadthuys first or go up to St. Paul's hill to visit a Portuguese Church and have a fantastic view of the city and the sea! If you have enough time and want to enjoy a bit of beach life, head to Klebang where you can enjoy delicious seafood. Then you can head up to Campung Morten, and admire different Malaysian houses. Also, take a boat ride on the river and watch out for the big lizards swimming in the river!

If you take a 15-minute drive, you will end up on the roadside of Jalan Klebang and in the line up for a Coconut Shake which is well known beyond the borders of Melaka. If you're not a shake fan and prefer a good coffee, then look out for the old car in the marina named Laos Coffee.

Finally, your last stop on your tour of Melaka should without a doubt be to see the floating mosque, a genuinely amazing beautiful building that sits above the water and is not to be missed!

Have you ever travelled to Malaysia?

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