False Eyelashes vs. Eyelash Extensions: Which is Better?

When it comes to achieving a dramatic makeup look, accentuating your eyes is key. False eyelashes and eyelash extensions both make it easy to upsize and accentuate your eyes, albeit with a very different price for each.

Inexpensive and easy to apply, false eyelashes can look fantastic when used properly. They’re available in a range of sizes and styles, can be modified to suit your eye shape and offer great versatility and flexibility.

More expensive and significantly more complicated to apply, eyelash extensions offer realism and subtlety, but at a cost. Below, I've compared both of these options to help you pick the best option for your needs, tastes and budget.

Which is more affordable? 

False eyelashes are significantly more affordable than eyelash extensions. Brands like Ardell Lashes offer high quality false eyelashes for around £11 to £20 per pack, with multi-pair packs providing a variety of different lashes at a cost of less than £10 per pair.

Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from £50 to £150 or more, as they need to be applied by an experienced stylist. There’s also the cost of monthly maintenance -- most of the time, you’ll need to spend £30 to £40 per month to keep them maintained. 

This means that you can fill your eye makeup collection with more than five sets of different false eyelashes for the same cost as a month or two of extensions. From an affordability and value for money perspective, false eyelashes are the obvious winner.

Which is more realistic? 

Used effectively, false eyelashes can look dramatic and interesting without ever looking fake or artificial. If you’ve got the right makeup skills, it’s far from difficult to blend your false eyelashes using mascara to create a powerful yet natural look.

With this said, it’s easy to make mistakes with false eyelashes. If you’re just getting started, it’s quite normal to have moments in which your false eyelashes will look artificial, especially if you don’t spend much time applying them in the morning.

In short, there’s a learning curve with false eyelashes. However, once you’ve mastered the art of using mascara with your false eyelashes, there’s no reason they can’t look natural and realistic.

Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, look more realistic and natural than false eyelashes right from the start. Since they’re applied directly to your natural eyelashes, there’s no need for you to worry about carefully applying them and blending them into your natural lashes with mascara.

Overall, which is better?

Like with many other products, there’s no “best” choice between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Instead, each product offers its own range of advantages and disadvantages that can make one a better choice for you than the other.

If you have a limited budget, feel confident about your mascara skills and don’t mind applying your eyelashes manually, you’ll prefer false eyelashes.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra and prefer the convenience of extensions over the time required to apply lashes on your own, you’ll prefer eyelash extensions.

Which do you prefer?

Liz x

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