How to Make a Small Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger

Most of us can live with a small living room. If we can fill it up with pillows and throws, then a small living room is sometimes preferable to one that’s too big, especially on those chilly autumn and winter nights. Ditto the bedroom! But when it comes to the bathroom, these rules don’t apply. When we’re trying to get ready for work or a night out with friends, we don’t want to feel cramped into a small space. But if we can’t change the size of our bathroom, then what can we do? We can try to make it seem bigger than it is by using these simple solutions.

Go Minimal

If you’ve only got a small space to play with, then make sure you’re not overfilling the space with goods that just don’t need to be there. The fewer items you have in your bathroom, the more space you’ll have in which to move around. As such, consider adopting the minimalist approach to your bathroom (and, if you like it, your whole house). The sparse look won’t just make your bathroom more functional; it’ll make it more stylish, too, as this decor choice is in style at the moment.

Plenty of Light

When you only have a limited amount of space, you need to make sure you’re not losing any inch of it to the darkness. Work hard to create as bright a space as possible. If you have a window, then set it up so that it’s letting in as much natural light as it can. The room will feel much more expansive if you’re able to look out over a nice view under a bright sky. Though, of course, remember to keep your privacy intact!

Tricks of the Eye 

Everything is about perception. And perception can be changed. If you currently see your bathroom as small, then it might just be a matter of making a few small changes, which in turn will alter your perception of its size. For example, you can buy a wall mounted vanity unit from Drench; it’ll keep the floor space free - a small but crucial difference. You can also make the most of the wall space by installing mirrors. A large mirror, too, will also give the appearance of a larger room, too.

Open Plan

There are some things that you need to have in your bathroom; a toilet, sink, feature radiator and shower for instance. Try not to block these all off from one another, and instead keep things open. A walk-in shower, is much better for size perception, as it only has a glass window separating it from the rest of the bathroom.

Storage Space

For your toiletries, towels, and so on, think carefully about the storage. Does everything need to be in the bathroom?  Probably not. Keep what you use every day there, and the rest in another part of the house like your bedroom. Less clutter means more space, after all! 

Have you got any space saving tips for a small bathroom?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post

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