Four Steps To Creating a Fabulous Home Office

Being able to work from home can be a great perk of blogging or even a full time job. But if you don’t have a space that is fit for purpose, then it can mean that your days are less productive, and there are too many distractions to help you to get on with your tasks. Not everyone is going to have a specific spare room to use as an office, and some will use a corner of their bedroom or the dining room. But if you do have a dedicated space, then here are some tips to help you design it with productivity in mind.

Use Pinterest Responsibly

Kind of a joking point, but you need to remember that some interiors inspiration that you see online isn’t always going to be the most practical for your home. A desk image online could show an upholstered armchair at the desk or a Scandi-style desk chair. But in reality, these aren’t going to be comfortable or supportive when you’re sat in front of your laptop for several hours each day. So take some inspiration, but don’t try to replicate.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is, well, much more natural, don’t you think? So use it and embrace it. If you can, use a room that has large windows, where curtains or blinds can be fully opened. If you’re only using a corner of the room for your desk, then look for the one with the best natural light, not the one that needs a floor lamp. It will be better for your eyesight and your productivity when you use natural light.

Personalise your office

Being able to personalise your space can be a great tool for motivation. So look for ways to add photos of your favourite people, as well as things like quotes or motivational wall art. If you like to watch TV in your breaks, then you could look to call in some aerial services people to allow you to do just that in your office space. If you like to listen to music as you work, then personalise with a cute radio, or even having speakers integrated. When the space is more friendly looking, you are likely to be more productive.

Storage and Filing

Having too many papers or documents on your desk each day is going to be stressful just to look at. So make sure that you have some kind of filing system in place. Then you can grab what you need when you need it, or put the things away once they’ve been printed or dealt with. Likewise, storage for things that don’t need to be seen all of the time, can be a good thing. If you’ve got a printer but you don’t need to sat on your desk, store it away or under the desk. 

Have you got any tips for creating the perfect home office?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post

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