3 Important Factors For Designing The Perfect Bathroom

 Are you thinking of updating your bathroom? Aside from kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations are one of the most popular areas for the home for people to invest in. Typically a well-furnished bathroom can add around 4-5% to the house's resale value should you wish to sell soon.

But what should you keep in mind when it comes to refitting your bathroom? Read on to learn more.

Size and Design

You always aim to maximise every single inch of space in the room and ensure the design works for the size and layout. Don't be afraid to move bathroom fittings around to improve the flow and layout and avoid any issues with being able to use the space efficiently. If you find your bathroom doesn't work for you now, how can it work better to allow you to move around it easier without compromising on design? Don't forget to think about storage options too. Get creative where you can; use recesses in walls or block in the base of a sink unit to add hidden storage and shelving options. Can you build shelves into the wall around the bath or in the shower to avoid having to add units? The small details will make a difference to the finished room and allow you to use as much of the space as possible.


The lighting of your bathroom shouldn't be an overlooked aspect. It is integral to how your bathroom will look and feel once it is finished, so you should pay as much attention to the lighting as you do to the design and fittings of the rest of the space.

Your bathroom needs to be lit enough to be functional but also have a relaxing vibe to it too. Pay attention to the natural light in the room, any mirrors you will be putting up and the style of tiles you will be using. All of these aspects will play an important part in creating the right atmosphere. You don't need to stick to one type of lighting for your bathroom; you can mix and match styles to create the correct type of lighting and vibe for your bathroom, from spotlights to bathroom pendant lighting, flush ceiling lights and more.

Colour Scheme

Along with your lighting, the colours you choose for your bathroom will heavily influence the finish and style. You want to choose colours that work with the natural light you get in the bathroom, don't overpower the space, especially for smaller bathrooms and complement the tiles you will be using. Balance out darker colours by pairing them with lighter shades; for example, if you want to use black or charcoal on the walls, balance this out with a light-coloured floor or copper fittings to add a different texture and brighter colour. Or add depth with a deep blue against white fittings or wood panelling. Test out a few different colours before committing to them to ensure they work well with the rest of your design and lighting choices too.


Redesigning a new bathroom comes with many important decisions, but before you start, it's best to take a step back and look at the room as a whole and what you want from it before deciding on the final design. Make decisions based on the space you have, the room's flow and lighting to help you elevate your new bathroom design and avoid critical mistakes.

Liz x

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