Modernising Your Home? 5 Tips To Get You Started

What exactly does it mean to bring a modern touch to your home? A contemporary look is one that is defined by its simplicity and attention to detail. It's about clean lines, uncluttered spaces and deliberate use of materials and textures.

There is no one right or wrong way to modernise your home. However, the following tips can go a long way to helping you add modern elements and touches to your home decor with ease.

1. Declutter

Before you even think about changing anything else, modern living requires decluttering. This doesn't mean you need to get rid of everything but going through what you already won and removing things you no longer want or need is an excellent place to start. Decluttering doesn't always mean you need to get rid of items. It can simply be redistributing them throughout the home, putting them away into cupboards for storage, and just removing them from display.

2. Update Flooring

Is your floor worn out? The flooring in your home can instantly detract from the goal you are working towards, and regardless of any other changes you make will always be a focal point. Rejuvenate old wooden flooring, swap out stained carpets for new flooring, add rugs or swap for engineered, wood, laminate or vinyl flooring in paler colours to complement the modern aesthetic.

3. Neutral Colours

Modern homes are primarily focused on the neutral colour palette, so painting walls and purchasing furniture in neutral colours can help to give you a clean, fresh look that allows you to modernise your home. Choose colours that work with the light in your home to add brightness and give the illusion of space.

4. Go Eclectic

Modern homes aren't always about obtaining styles and monochrome beauty, although this does work well. It can also be about combining different textures and styles together to create something with character. You could invest in modern hairpin legs uk for your dining table while adding sumptuous dining chairs that have been freshly upholstered for a more traditional look.

Choose antique pieces to merge with newer styles for something truly bold and impactful. Try it in one room to see how you feel about it before carrying this style or theme throughout the house.

5. Lighting

Your choice of lighting shouldn't be overlooked. Light fittings are no longer a functional aspect of a room but an effective way of pulling your style together or creating a wow point. You can really modernise any space by updating your lighting to more modern styles. An excellent idea for a modern touch on lighting is to add recessed ceiling lights, which can complement traditional styles in the room more discreetly. Alternatively, choosing larger modern pendants or chandelier styles can help you to type up a larger room or a room with high ceilings.


Creating a modern home needn't be hard. You can work with what you have to get started, update or upcycle existing furniture and declutter for a more cost-effective way of modernising your home. Then you can look at other areas, such as updating flooring and painting walls, to complete your efforts in creating a more modern space.

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