5 Tips To Make Your Staycation Even Better

The idea of a sun-filled vacation can be an appealing one, but then there’s all the effort of actually planning it out and getting there. Even the thought of airport security can cause a lot of stress. If you don’t want to deal with this, but still want a trip, you could try a staycation.

Increasingly popular, these holidays focus on staying in your own country and visiting somewhere more local. It avoids the need for travelling abroad, and lets you have just as much fun.

That alone could be more than enough to convince you to have one. Do you want to know how to make your staycation even better? With a few tips and tricks, you can make sure you’ll have an amazing time on the trip.

Why Have A Staycation?

Before diving into planning your staycation and making sure it’s amazing, it’s worth looking at why you should have one. Why choose to stay close to home when there are countless places abroad where you can go? As it turns out, there are multiple reasons to choose a staycation.

The largest of these are:

  • Avoid Travel Headaches - As mentioned above, a staycation doesn’t come with the hassle of getting through airport security and taking a flight. You’ll have far fewer headaches when you’re on the way and back.

  • Your Budget Goes Further - Travelling abroad comes with flights and baggage fees, which means there’s less money to spend on the rest of the vacation. A staycation naturally doesn’t come with these, so your budget goes a decent bit further.

  • More Pet-Friendly - If you have pets, you mightn’t be able to bear the thought of not being with them for the length of your trip. It’s close to impossible to bring them on trips abroad, but staycations offer you the chance to bring them with you. No more dropping them off at the kennels so you can have a trip.

With how appealing a staycation can be, it can seem like a great option. You’ll have more than a few reasons to go on one. Make sure you know how to make your staycation even better to make it an amazing trip. Five top staycation tips will play a decent role in this.

How To Make Your Staycation Even Better: 5 Top Tips

1. Pick The Right Hotel

From hotels in Betws Y Coed to studio rentals in London, you’ll have quite a few places to choose from when you’re on a vacation. Make sure you pick the right option for you. Once you have a destination in mind, you can narrow these down relatively easily.

Have your needs in mind to help with this, and check them against the hotels themselves. The more they meet your needs, the more appealing they should be. Use these needs and desires to narrow down your options and pick the right hotel.

2. Pack A Boredom Box

One of the only drawbacks of a staycation is there’s a decent possibility of rain and bad weather. That doesn’t mean you need to get bored when you’re on the trip. Bring a boredom box with you to avoid sitting around the accommodation twiddling your thumbs. 

Cards, a Jenga set, and similar things could all be included in this. Whatever you and the people going with you enjoy could be worth taking with you, as long as it fits in your bags. While you mightn’t end up needing to use this, it’s always worth having on-hand.

3. Look For Free Cancellation

As excited as you could be to go on your staycation, things could come up between now and then. That could mean you’ll end up needing to cancel your trip. You wouldn’t want to lose some money if this happens, and finding options with free cancellation policies could avoid this.

While these usually have a deadline for you to cancel so you can get a refund, it gives you some breathing room. If anything happens, you shouldn’t have to worry about the financial side of things. Check the policies of your hotel and anything else you’re booking to see if they have this.

4. Do Your Research

Before you book anywhere for your staycation, it’s worth doing a little bit of research. Making sure the accommodation is high-quality and somewhere you’ll like is practically mandatory. Outside of that, look at the various things to do when you’re there.

The more time you put into this, the more of an idea you’ll have for what you can do during your vacation. You wouldn’t want to get bored, after all, and spending time looking around for things to do should prevent this.

The more things you have to do, the better your staycation should be.

5. Book As Early As Possible

You’ll already know you’ll have to book hotels for your staycation. If you want to avoid paying through the roof for this, it’s worth booking your accommodation as early as possible. You could even get an early bird discount with this, saving you a pretty penny for the rest of the trip.

Booking early also means you’ll have more options to choose from. If you leave things until the last minute, some hotels can be booked out. Any ones that are left will cost an arm and a leg. Save yourself the money - and stress - by booking as early as possible.

How To Make Your Staycation Even Better: Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to make your staycation even better can seem complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Focusing on your needs and going somewhere you’d love are all you’d need to do, but a few other tips can help make it amazing.

Booking as early as possible, doing your research, packing a boredom box, and similar staycation tips are all great options. While you’ll need to put a little effort in, it’ll be much less than planning out a holiday abroad.

With the various reasons why a staycation can be an appealing option, there’s no reason not to consider it.

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