Christmas Fashion Essentials You Can't Live Without

It’s that time of year again! 

Christmas is approaching at a rapid speed, making you wonder whaon earth Santa has fed the reindeer this year. It is less than two months away and all the shops are starting to stock their Christmas items. If you haven’t already bought some mince pies, you’re missing out. 

There’s so much to enjoy about Christmas, but one thing I like the most is Christmas fashion. It’s a time to feel festive and have a bit of fun, so here are my Christmas fashion essentials you can’t live without - be warned, some are practical and some are just plain adorable! 

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A Christmas Jumper

Let’s be honest, you need a Christmas jumper. Whether you buy a new one every year or wear the same one to every office party, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’ve got something big and cosy to wear throughout the festive season. Brands have got really creative with jumpers these days and they’re not as ugly as they once were. If you need some inspiration - or want to get a jumper before they sell out within a month - here are some of the best Christmas jumpers out this year

Christmas PJs

I’m a big pyjama fan because I think they make you feel cosy and they’re actually low-key really fashionable. During the festive period, it’s time to whip out the Christmas PJs. You can find some adorable personalised pyjamas that you and a partner can wear - or you can get some for the entire family. They’re the perfect thing to wear on Christmas Eve when everyone is together and excited for the big day. 

A Party Dress

Yes, every woman needs to get themselves a nice party dress for the holidays. As well as being the season of festivities, it’s also the season of celebrations. Even a hermit will have lots of parties and events to attend over Christmas, such as office parties, end-of-year celebrations, awards ceremonies, and family gatherings. So, it helps to have something nice to wear that aligns with the season. A lovely party dress in red or green would be perfect for this time of year. 


As the weather gets colder, you want to avoid putting your heating on, so you need to get yourself a pair of thick, fluffy slippers this Christmas. Wear them throughout the festive period to stay warm and comfortable at home. Truthfully, they can follow any design you want, but it is more enjoyable when they’re festive. A boatload of options present themselves and one of my favourites is the slippers with Rudolph's face on the front. They have a big red nose and some soft antlers - it’s very cute and funny. Or, slippers with a big bushy Santa beard on the front, they’re hilarious too. 

There are so many ways you can get into the festive spirit this year and following the latest fashion trends is one of them. Get yourself these four items and you will have a much more enjoyable Christmas. 

Liz xx

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