How Should You Go About Gifting A Distant Family Relative?

 There’s an awkward decision to make when trying to gift something to someone we barely know. For instance, perhaps your boss has been pretty great to you for your first two months on the job, and as it’s their birthday coming up, you wish to give them a card and something simple. A box of chocolates might be seen as too romantic, an engraved pen might seem way too familiar, and a gift card too informal and not well-thought-through.

Things can feel even more awkward when the perceived scope of familiarity is not really that defined at all. A distant relative fits this weird box. You may not have spoken to that side of the family for over twenty years. Where do you even start to reconnect? But at the same time, if they’re family, and especially blood family, then they’re family. So a box of chocolates may not be seen as too familiar in this case, but is it still a bit presumptive? It’s hard to tell.

In this post, we hope to offer a few recommendations, that even if you choose not to go with, should provide some kind of ballpark you can begin to play in instead of throwing your hands up in the air and giving up entirely.

A Lovely, Framed Family Photo

Photo frame gifts are a great gesture to give to someone, because it shows that you’ve ptu some thought into a lovely picture that can be cherished from then on. With a formal or decorated frame, this can serve as a nice ornament or decoration in their home. 

It might be, for instance, that you frame an old analogue photograph, restored through a professional service, of your last meeting twenty years ago, or perhaps the last time your grouped families were photographed together. That’s sure to put a smile on their face and suggests a bond that could grow in the future.

A Convenience Gift

Sometimes, the best gifts we get are those which make our lives a little easier. You likely know the type. Perhaps a parent has volunteered some money for you to get your car repaired in the past. This is the principle that works here. For instance, perhaps if your distant family is coming to visit you for your wedding, or another relative’s wedding, or to simply reconnect, then it might be a nice gesture to pay for their hotel for a couple of days, given the effort they’ve made coming to you. That kind of gift is a nice gesture, and utterly convenient for them.

A Gift Hamper

A lovely gift hamper is a perfect representation of the love a family might share. It may be too familiar to gift one of these to someone we rarely know, but family wise, it can send the right message. These gift hampers can differ, from large chocolate and flower collections, to hampers that provide lovely shower lotions and fragrant bath bombs. Or, you may opt for an antipasti or cheese/cracker hamper, something that can be indulged in through and through.

With this advice, we’re certain you’ll gift your family in the best possible light.

Liz x

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