Things to consider when you’ve found the place you want to stay forever

There are fewer things that change your life than moving to another country because it can completely alter your viewpoint of the world. Sometimes, we go somewhere and just have that feeling that everything is just right here, but when we found this perfect place, what are some of the personal and practical things you need to do when looking at this location? 

The Application Process for Settling

Every country has its own processes with regards to applying for settlement status. The UK has a few levels of immigration status, such as “indefinite leave to remain,” and if you want to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK, you have to consider the timeframe of the application, but also the costs. The application process can be long, but if you start now, it means you can get closer to being a naturalized citizen in the place you truly love. 

Are You Employable? 

If you found somewhere that just feels right, is this your heart talking, or your head? When we move to a new location, we've got to realise that there's a lot that we need to do, especially when it comes to earning a living. Do you have relevant skills that can get you up the career ladder in your new location, or have you got to start from the bottom? Alternatively, you could use this as the perfect reason to start freelancing full-time or working as a digital nomad. Getting employed is, understandably, important, but also if you choose to run your own business or be self-employed, can this be to the detriment of your application to be a citizen? 

Will Your Social Life Be Better? 

The cost of living is different in every country, and you could certainly make your money go further in certain locations, but if you are moving somewhere by yourself, are you going to feel the benefits? Many people move to another country for love, but others go because they've been given a job that they couldn't turn down. Those people are, in many ways, going it alone. They will make friends, but it can take a while to get into that social frame of mind. We can all feel homesick from time to time, but we can try and be as sociable as we want, but if we are feeling like we need to be with our old friends again, we have to remember that the sense of being homesick will pass. 

Use This Opportunity to Be a Better Version of You

When we find somewhere that we want to live permanently, it's almost like we are drawing a line in the sand. This is the perfect opportunity to start learning new skills and use this opportunity to change aspects of yourself and be that person you always wanted to be. It's so easy to think that going to a new location is like running away from things, but it is always important to remember that being in a new location can give you the opportunity to try out a different personality, and see how it fits.

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*This is a collaborative post

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