Review: Estrid Subscription Womens Razor Brand

Shaving is one of those beauty routines that you sometimes feel like doing, and sometimes just can’t be bothered with. We either don’t have the time as we're always in a rush to shower and get ready in the morning or we don’t have the supplies to actually shave. We all know blades can be very expensive these days. Having been on a lockdown in the UK for so long you might not of bothered shaving those legs for a while but once the sun is out you need a good razor to remove all that unwanted hair.

This is why I'm introducing you to Estrid, a Scandinavian, 100% vegan razor brand who are trying to make shaving a bit more convenient, and a lot more affordable. Estrid is half the price compared to market-leading competitors like Veet and it's delivered straight to your door. Read on to find out more!

Female-first razor brand 

The razor brand has a “female-first” approach and as you can tell by the branding, the wording and colours are women orientated which I love. They want every women of every body type to know that it is totally up to you, how you want to shave: Your body, your control! They also support some amazing organisations (Kvinna till Kvinna, Medica Mondiale & Fawcett Society foundations) by donating a portion of their revenue, these organizations goals are to increase women's power and influence around the world. 

How is the razor 100% vegan and cruelty free?

Believe it or not a lot of razor brands use animal substances in their strips which I didn't know until now. Whilst Estrid chose to only include vegan ingredients: aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa butter, which are also know to be great for your skin. The handles are also made out of steel to be more sustainable.

How does the Estrid subscription razor service work?

You choose your starter kit for £7.95 which comes in 4 colours: peach, blush, cloud and space, then they'll deliver four new cartridges straight to your door according to how often you want to receive the blades (£9.95). You either can skip a month or change at any time. Plus it's always free shipping! I for one always forget to buy razor blades so I think this is a new and great way to change shaving for women.

Review of the Estrid Razor

Having used the Estrid Razor for a week, I found it really good at removing hair and it was smooth on my skin. Heavier than the normal razor I use due to being made of steel but this means it lasts longer and doesn't break easily if you drop it in the shower/bath. It also comes with a handy razor holder which sticks onto my glass shower door and doesn't fall off. Overall I think love the Estrid branding and I think it's a more convenient way to buy razors.

Have you ever used an Estrid razor?

Liz x

*Razor was gifted, but was not obliged to post

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