Tips For Preparing For The Trip Of A Lifetime

If you’ve been hit by the travel bug (like me constantly searching for new places to go) and you’re busy planning your next adventure to a faraway destination, the chances are that you can’t wait to set foot on the plane. Embarking on your travels, to see the world is a truly uplifting experience. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in new cultures, eat new cuisine and take in new and wonderful surroundings. However, before you take your trip overseas, you need to consider if you’re fully prepared with these helpful travel tips.

 Sort out your finances

Before you leave on your big adventure, you must make sure that your financial situation is okay. You don’t want to be heading out of the country for six months or more with a lot of debt to worry about while you are away. Even if it means postponing your trip for a little while, you need to shift your debt before travelling. This will give you more money in your pocket to spend while embarking on your adventure and you won’t have sleepless nights in hostels panicking about money.

Stay fit and healthy

 If you’re planning on backpacking, trekking, hiking or taking some long walks on your trip abroad, you need to be as fit as possible. Scaling a mountain without needing to take breaks every ten minutes because you’re carrying a little too much weight and you're not used to physical activity isn’t a good idea. Start your healthy journey before you go by eating a balanced diet and heading to the gym.

Similarly, you may need to take a look at any other habits you may have such as social drinking or cigarettes. This will save you ridiculous amounts of money that you can then put into your travel fund. If you want to find healthier alternatives, this site is a good resource for vaping and e-cigarettes.

Get your paperwork organised

One of the most important things for you to sort out well in advance is your paperwork. If you need visas for the destinations you are planning to travel to, sort them out as early as possible. You'll need to have the finances in place ready to purchase them, and you may need to head to an embassy for a more precise assessment. Others thing to check before you travel are your passport expiry date, and you may need to get vaccinations. Although you might not be a fan of needles, like me, its definitely worth it to stay protected against infections. Some countries require tourists entering the country to have certain inoculations so ensure that you read up on the entry requirements of the countries you plan on travelling too.

Stay in touch with friends and family

Although you might think you want to get away from it all and head off on a solo adventure, you’ll be surprised at how homesickness can strike at any time. You may be having the time of your life and you there's no way you'll be ready to go back home, but you can still miss family and friends. Ensure that you keep in touch with your nearest and dearest via free messaging apps such as Whats app or email. You could even set up a travel blog detailing all of your adventures for friends and family to read back home. Be aware that if you’re planning on heading to a country like China or North Korea, you may need a private VPN to access your social media like Facebook and Twitter. Access to email can also be tricky as Gmail is banned over there.

As the anticipation builds to your impending adventure, your excitement levels may go through the roof. However, it’s vital that you keep a clear head and plan as much as possible before heading abroad. The more prepared you are before you head through passport control, the more successful your trip of a lifetime will be.

How do you prepare for a trip?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post


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