Tips for Finding a New Year Date with Badoo

I met my boyfriend Blake, well over three years ago now, through a dating app which to some people always comes as a shock when I tell them, I think some people don't expect dating apps to really work, let alone find a guy or girl who is looking for something serious or want the same things that you want. But I'm here to tell you that dating apps really do work and introduce you to Badooofficially the 'largest dating app in the world’ with over 366 million users! Also not only is Badoodating app but also a social discovery app if you just want to make new friends for New Year too.

Dating has changed a lot over time, according to recent statistics 1 in 5 relationships now start online and there are around nine million people in the UK using online dating apps and websites. Ever since I started dating back in 2014, there are way more apps and websites to choose from than before and over the festive and new year season when you get even busier, working full time, visiting family and all the Christmas shopping, it can become very unrealistic to think about dating! But what if there was a way of dating on the go? Which is where Badoo comes in! This popular dating app is free to download, super simple to use and there's no nonsense, if you don't connect with someone you like just swipe onto the next person.

We all know that facing New Year's Eve as a singleton can be a bit daunting especially when everyone else in the room has a date! I say that New Year’s is the perfect time to try something new and step outside your comfort zone by using a dating app like Badoo to help you to find a New Year date. Dating at this time of year can give you a real boost of confidence and help you to feel at your best. Here are some dating tips to help get you started:

  • Start to chat to people as soon as possible so you can get a group of potential dates going.
  • If you know where you are going to be in the New Year in advance find people that don't live too far from that location, using the "People Nearby" feature on Badoo.
  • Make sure to add all your interests to your Badoo profile, because you are matched with people based on shared interests, so you know you will always have one thing in common.
  • Even if you don't like the person in a romantic way just take them as a friend you could still potentially have a brilliant night.
  • Be safe online! Badoo, lets you verify profiles either using Facebook, a phone call, or a photo.
  • If they have linked up Instagram to Badoo, check out all their photos to see if you get that initial attraction.
  • Badoo will show you users you’ve bumped into in real life, you never know who could be around the corner!
  • Be honest and say why you're looking for a date, even if it means adding "New Years date wanted" to the front of your profile on Badoo.
  • Don't overcomplicate your search.

One thing is for sure whether you're ready to date now or in 2018, dating apps like Badoo have become more of a way of dating life now, making it a whole lot easier and quicker to find a date and they're not going away anytime soon.

Have you ever tried a dating app?

Liz x

*This is a sponsored post with Badoo but all views are my own


  1. I've never tried a dating app but i wouldn't be opposed to it. I've heard so many positive stories- but some nightmares too!

  2. I have never tried a dating app, but safety does worry me about this kind of thing. So good that it can be verified with other social profiles etc x

  3. I think i tried this app before but then didn't bother with it. There are loads of different dating apps out there and can be hard to keep up with them

  4. I think the key with all these apps is the screening process because there will be lots of people just looking for sex. That said, I met my husband on Yahoo Personals many, many moons ago so they probably do work, if used with care.

  5. I am trying online dating and have lost faith in Tinder and POF so will definitely try this, thank you. Kaz

  6. I've never tried a dating app before as I've been with my other half for 12 years. I don't know if I'd dare try one, either. I'd be scared of ending up on a date with someone who had a hidden agenda. LOL. I think it's great when people do find 'the one' through dating apps and sites though :)

    Louise x

  7. I tried a dating website many years ago and it was fun. Never met my mr right on there but loads of dates and chats, I do know people who have had great successes :)

  8. I haven't tried dating app since before and I'm afraid to the person that I didn't know in person.

  9. I did once tried a dating app and met someone but we did broke up because we he is too far for me. He is not good at Long distance relationship.

  10. Great post!! I had my now boyfriend on Facebook and Instagram, we lived near each other and had loads of mutual friends but had never actually met. After meeting up three times we started dating and now we've been together over three years! Online relationships can work :)

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five