Stella & Dot Blogger Event

I recently was invited to a blogger event at the Pig and Tail, a quaint bar in the trendy Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, hosted by the lovely people at Stella & Dot. Having been obsessed with the jewellery and accessories brand for some time I was beyond excited and it was only my second blogger event too! Not only were the hosts super fabulous, especially the Stella stylists, but I also got the chance to meet some local bloggers who made the evening a delight!

Who are Stella & Dot?

If you haven't come across Stella and Dot before, then I can tell you more... They are a social networking company and the people who sell the products are known as individual stylists but you can also shop via their website. They offer a vast range of stylish products including high quality jewellery, scarves, handbags and sunglasses all at reasonable prices. If you don't want to become a stylist you can hold a trunk show at your home, invite all your friends and if they buy some Stella and Dot pieces you get freebies!

My favourite Stella & Dot pieces

At the blogger event, the long table was displayed beautifully with lots of jewellery for everyone to try on and take photos of. The one piece that immediately caught mine and everyone else's eye was a beautiful silver ring and to my surprise it was only £35! Other jewellery that I thought was just as stunning were the array of tassel earrings, a tribal statement necklace and a black lace cuff. I wanted to take everything home! All of the Stella & Dot jewellery could be worn with a casual outfit or you could definitely wear some of the pieces for a black tie event or a luxury holiday.

The goody bag

At the end of the event we all received an amazing goody bag, literally the best goody bag I have ever received, I was so happy! Inside was a chic monochrome clutch, silver bangle and purple sunglasses inside a chic "Hello Miss Sunshine" case. All of which can be bought on their website.

What are your favourite pieces? Have you ever bought from Stella & Dot?

Liz x


  1. The pieces from Stella & Dot are so pretty. Fab goodies in the goody bag! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Love this post! SO lovely to meet you and great write up - I'm literally obsessed with the silver bracelet. <3

  3. Those sunglasses are EVERYTHING. I'm also all about statement necklaces and that one is stunning. Lucky girl - what an event!
    Katja xxx

  4. Lucky you! I've been eyeing the stella & dot pieces for a while now but unfortunately they do not ship in my country. Love everything!

  5. I love Stella and Dot! Looks like such a lovely event

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  6. A couple people I know sell Stella and Dot.. I never really looked at their stuff but now I might have too!!

  7. I love how all of this was so nicely presented. I have never been to a blogger event and hope to have the chance to attend one in the near future.

  8. Ooh those are some pretty pieces! The event sounds wonderful, I'm glad that you had a great time :-)

  9. That event sounds great! Also, those sunglasses are amazing, I never see cute sunglasses like that around.

    Kylie <3 |

  10. This sounds like so much fun! Their jewellery is so cute!

  11. I usually pick my jewelry to be more minimal, but who am I kidding? These pieces from Stella & Dot are absolutely gorgeous!
    P.S. The turquoise packaging reminds me so much of Tiffany's.
    BS, xx |